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Venting....confusion over little things

Warning: venting.

Why do I find things that make absolutely no freaking sense?

Today I found a kitchen pot, filled with water to the very top (it spilled out as soon as it was touched.)
Hidden in the very back of the kitchen cabinet.

The water is foul. I’ve been looking for this pot, as it’s my rice steamer pot and is supposed to be with the rice steamer.

Why is it here?

I get some things. Like undoing paperclips. That’s something he just does. Drawing on uber teeny tiny pieces of paper. That he does. Doodling and/or tearing holes with his homework assignments…that he does too.

Water in a pot in the cabinet?
When? Why? WHO?

Sometimes things don’t make sense.
And I really don’t know if I should be even bugged by this.

After all, it’s little thing.
And then again…when did he do this?

Had to have been in the last two weeks.
While we were asleep.

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Huh. Interesting. I would probably casually ask about it, see if he supplies any information.

“Hey, I found the pot for the rice cooker in the cabinet, filled with water. Any idea how it got there?”


Things like this happen in our home as well. The last time it was scissors placed on top of a painting. There was something else placed in the pantry that was odd (I can’t recall what it was). I’d just let it go. They are confused. It kind of reminds me of my mother and her dementia. She kept doing things she did most of her life but they were not in the normal fashion. She would make and unmake beds, fold things and put them in drawers i.e. a dishcloth with a fork and a postcard all folded together.



Youngest boy stared at me like I was insane. "What? WHY? Who would do that?!"
Older boy said: "You found the pot…why wasn’t it in the steamer?"
Dad said: “(nothing, just a sad smile)”

THEN…I find something else that doesn’t make sense. The patio umbrella has been taken apart (gently) and moved.

Ditto on the dialog.

Would you like a funny though?
Hours later…I go to bed, the boys go to bed.

I forgot that I put an empty canister of oatmeal on younger boys bed, intending to put it away in the craft closet after I cleaned his room. I never did get back to that though.

He (younger son, dx) couldn’t figure out why it was on his bed? Why oatmeal? Apparently, he sought his older brother out, asked him…and they were both confused. VERY confused.

Older boy could only assume that younger brother did it and just doesn’t remember. He settled his brother, didn’t wake me, as he decided he would just tell me about it in the morning.

Nope, this one I did.

Well, for today, I’m not the only confused member of our family.

Thanks for the feedback folks…it does help.


@Squid - That is pretty funny. Last year when this all started (the sz), on top of having a friend at my home going through breast cancer treatment (and she was a little wacy), we named our home El Rancho Loco.

What does the dx stand for - diagnosed?


I had to laugh when I read about the oatmeal, Squid! We had similar confusion last weekend.

My brother had his first overnight with us. I noticed the windshield wiper on the car we have on our back driveway was sticking straight out. It was near the little designated smoking area we made for him, but I couldn’t be sure if he had done it or if my eldest son (10) had. Either option is equally likely.

Walking through our guest room after dropping my brother off, I also noticed a video game disc on the top shelf in the closet. I mentioned it to my husband as an odd thing my brother had done during his stay. My husband explained he had done it as our youngest (toddler) had been touching the discs and hubby wanted them out of reach.

I think it’s pretty funny I can’t tell between the lot who is doing things that are ‘out of the ordinary!’ :slight_smile:

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