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Violent Episode Tonight


If I were in your place, back when my son was young, I would bring him home.

Looking back with more experience, I can honestly say I think that would be the worst thing you can do for him.

He’s safe, you can be sure he’s taking his meds, and you can always change your mind later. He’s got a real chance of getting help now - don’t ruin it for him.

The religious thing could be manipulation. It could be because other kids are doing that. It could be real. Or, it could be a sign that he’s still sick. My son goes from atheist when he’s well to Jesus when he’s sick - for him, it’s a symptom.

And, it’s early on. Zyprexa was great for my son for about 7 years. Trileptal is awesome too.
But, it’s too early to know if they will be for him. I’ve seen my son do well on several drugs only to have them give out in a month or two. You need to see them work for longer than they have right now to be sure - especially since your safety and his are on the line.


The police kind of took that choice out of our hands. Two felony charges were filed against him. This was his second offense, first was attacking his older brother. He’s damaged our property before, list goes on and on. I must say, it’s been peaceful with him locked up and has given me and my husband a much needed respite. My husband, being bipolar, takes all of this much harder than I do. I kind of roll with it. I read your postings and I am sorry for what you’re going through. You having two family members who are mentally ill to take care of mirrors my family situation, though my two aren’t both schizophrenic. My heart goes out to you. My son has used every drug there is except for heroin. Hopefully, you will find some support in this forum and some resources as well.


The places my son has for an apartment are in awful, drug and prostitution filled neighborhoods.

It is so horrible that people with severe mental health problems/diseases in this country treated like garbage!

Maple Woman