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We're moving closer to family. Any advice?


At the end of this month we’ll be moving about 100 miles from where we’ve lived for the last 12 years. We’re moving closer to my SZ son’s brother and his family along with my & my husbands families. We’re doing this for us to be closer to family for support since my son’s DX last December- as it was difficult to see our other son and granddaughter. We’re having his MH commitment transferred to the new county we’re moving to but haven’t been able to know what the staff is like that will continue his CSP program that he’s in. Any advice would be helpful! Overall I think being closer to family will help my son (hopefully).


I think it will help him being closer to more family. Good luck.


Thanks Wes! Based on many of your posts here it’s clear family in your daily life made a big difference in your recovery! I’m hoping with time my son will benefit from this as well!


I hope it helps your son, too.


Being closer to family is a good thing.