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Non pharmaceuticals that are working

I am having so much success with my daughter and wanted others to know so that they can have the information to choose the same decision.

First of all my daughter has severe schizophrenia and severe symptoms. Running around naked, hearing voices, obeying voices, giving away all of her belongings, not dressing herself, isolation, starving for weeks on purpose, rambling and more. She had her first break June 2014 and she does not think she has an illness, even though she has been in the hospital 5 times in the past 6 months for a total of 50+ days. The past 6 months have been the worst because she would not take anything to improve her symptoms.

When she first became ill we found a product on and it sort of worked and she liked it better than the meds, which she refused to take. It worked until she would fast or starve and then it didn’t work at all. That lasted about 6 months. Then I found and that was the answer to my prayers and she stayed on that for about a year with no problems of psychosis, then she quit that too because she said it made her think too fast and I couldn’t get her to agree to adjust it. I then found and put it in her tea every day and it worked to stop the psychosis from but I couldn’t keep it up forever and had to stop giving it to her bc I thought that if she moved out she would end up in the hospital and not know why. So that was Nov of 2017. It did take a while for all of the sarcosine to get used up in her system and then the beginning of Feb 2018 she was in psychosis for a month and I had called the crisis team 6 times before someone would pick her up.

Fast. Track to a total of 5 hospitalizations this year and I had to find something to give her and make the train stop, so to speak. I found out that homeopathic remedies are great for schizophrenia and it is claimed that they even cure many patients, but not all, after a 2 year period.

It has been 23 days now for my daughter using homeopathics and I do have a doctor that I am working with to help me. She is improving every day and I am no longer counting the days to her next hospitalization. There are no signs of psychosis at all. No laughing to herself anymore, no talking to herself, no mumbling and no more “God just told me…” She is having she own thoughts and it is a new type of experience that she is getting used to. She can watch movies without walking out after 2 minutes, which is huge.

A homeopathic is an energy from a substance that does not include a single molecule from what is received its energy from, so it is completely safe. It is easy to take and tastes like sugar

I will post every couple of weeks to people can see her progress.

Please feel free to ask questions.

So what homeopathic are you using? Are they injections, highly concentrated plant oils?

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This link shows 10 choices, and it all depends on your specific symptoms, might specific illnesses. It comes in little tiny white pills that taste like sugar.

I can tell you that for my daughter the selection was stramonium because of the constant religious mania. And two doctors told me that it only needed to be given twice a week. I gave it to my daughter daily for two weeks and she is now on a week break as per the directions of the doctor. She still improved every day even when not on a daily remedy, since the remedy is so strong. A new selection will be given tomorrow after we see the homeopathic doctor.

See a homeopathic website here
It is not an injection or a plant concentrate solution, it is pure energy only.

There are homeopathic doctors that specialize in mental health for cures. I am told that it works for a majority of patients.

@Kellyshayne - This is so amazing! I do keep thinking about this as I know my son will eventually stop taking the shot. I can’t figure out which one would work for paranoid sz. I think it’s the HYOSCYAMUS NIGAR 200** - especially, since this started with a past love relationship. I’m going to get some when /if he goes off his meds. Thanks!

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This website is great and gives wonderful advise as to what to take and how often, if you are looking for an inexpensive doctor to help things along. The charge is less than $500 for 6 months of care and medicines.

I have been told today from my doctor that once you are getting the result you want the remedy must be stopped while the strength of the dose is used. So you might take something once a week or twice a week. Depending on the strength of a remedy it all varies. This is why assistance is very important.

@Kellyshayne Thank you. I’ve saved that for future reference! About the same I just paid for for an art workshop! So glad you are getting good results with you daughter!

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In treating my daughter and using the 200c strength, it is necessary to give her the remedy every other day. The doctor I am currently working with tried to see how she would do with once a week. After 3 days of no remedy she was beginning psychosis. Day five she was not eating or drinking and in isolation. After the remedy she immediately improved and within 2 hours and was eating and drinking again and out of isolation. I really learned the limitation for her and how often is required in her case. I am not sure I will keep this doctor as I had told him would be wrong and I was proved right.

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So glad you found this. How does it work with this doctor? Do you talk to him on the phone or email?

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For Dr Homeo and their website
You get a call and they send you an intake form.
I was able to use my daily notes I have on my daughter and then use the information on the remedy she is using for why I chose that one. I have given them the results of the given remedy as well.
In homeopathy there is also a selection that can be made called their constitutional remedy. It is like how a person is on a healthy or normal basis. For my daughter it appears that she is like sulphur and the link that would show that description is
Scroll to the summary of sulphur and you will see what I mean.
That is my best guess right now. Some homeopathic doctors will advise to use your “constitutional” remedy first to help maintain health when normal health leaves. It may not be what many doctors use though. I was taught thisas a patient at a homeopathic college.

I have not begun to work with the dr homeo group as of yet, in that they did not advise me yet. They do have a two year program. Payments are $229 for 6 months of treatment. I have paid already and I am waiting for the first shipment of medicines. Until then I am using the stramonium every other day on my daughter.

Sounds like it’s definitely been worth it. I like this remote contact with them, as my son would never go.

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I went to the Dr. Homeo site, read the page on schz and contacted the company. They operate out of India but send remedies all over the world. The Dr. who called me spent an hour on the phone with me about my daughter and her symptoms and agreed that she has schz. She said the remedies would need to be taken for quite a while as the schz took quite a while to develop. I paid $159 for 4 months of remedies and follow up consults as I want to make sure my daughter will take them before paying for a year (even though a year is discounted). I have now received a long form to fill out and once sent back the remedies will be sent out within 48 hours.


@oldladyblue I hope so much this works for your daughter. Since you cook for her it shouldn’t be too hard to get it into her system. Keep us posted!


I think my daughter will use them willingly as the Dr. is also addressing a physical problem my daughter wants addressed (severe mental cramps). The homeopathy Dr. told me it is best that my daughter handle her own remedies and that I don’t mix them into food. On an after dinner walk the other day I asked my daughter if she remembered taking homeopathics (tiny sugar pills) for the flu when she was little. She said yes, I asked if she’d like to take homeopathics for her menstrual cramps. She said yes. I said it might take a few years of taking them every day to make cramps better. She said fine… So we will see. If I have to give them to her in a hidden fashion, I will, but first I will see if she will take them herself. The schz remedies will be taken daily, but the other only during her period.

Sorry to say but there is no scientific basis to homeopathic remedies working beyond the placebo effect. There probably isn’t even a single particle of the original compound that is titrated so many times, in the final tincture, yet homeopaths believe that the more it’s diluted, the stronger it is! Classic scam.

Please don’t overpay for what is effectively vials of alcohol.

If you want some hope though, consider no-flush Niacin, research testimonials on that.


It is a fact that homeopathy is the second largest group of medicines being used today.
Doctors study for the same amount of years as classical medicine. There is plenty of proof for the effectiveness of homeopathy around the world.


There isn’t a single scientific study proving that homeopathic remedies work more than a placebo.

It’s basically someone giving you a sugar pill and saying “this will cure you”, and you believe in it enough that you convince yourself that you’re getting better.


@naturallycured I have trouble accepting homeopathic medicine on the basis of energy of a molecule is retained when it is not present. That said I have read many articles on the power of placebo effect. Am not saying we can think ourselves or others well, but there is an amazing effect with the power of positive thinking. So if it works, great. If not, no harm. (In our case my son is leery of anything medical–traditional and alternative)

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There is magic in positive thinking, but schizophrenia isn’t something that can be overcome with the power of wishes. It requires hard science to overcome.

No-flush niacin is effective though, it works by increasing the amount of kynurenine 3-monooxygenase formed in the brain, which prevents tryptophan from being metabolized into kynurenic acid, which is a potent NMDA antagonist and currently theorized to be the cause of schizophrenic symptoms. Schizophrenics are likely to have problems with the kynurenine pathway, and end up overproducing kynurenic acid. Modern antipsychotics are targeting the reduction of kynurenic acid, but plain old Niacin is just as good for it.

I managed to halve my antipsychotic dose from 12 mg Paliperidone (the max dose) to 6 mg, by taking 1 gram of no-flush Niacin (niacinamide or inositol hexanicotinate, not extended or slow release!) 3 times a day.

Before the Niacin, I was having breakout symptoms on the max Paliperidone dose, but now my symptoms are so controlled (my voices are 99.99% muted) that I might even lower the 6 mg to 3 mg. I wouldn’t want to completely stop the antipsychotic though, just in case.

Niacin may raise liver counts though, but that is only a worry at doses above 3 grams. Other than that it is fairly side-effect free.

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There is plenty of proof. I can tell you that my daughter doesn’t know she is on a homeopathic and she has not slipped into psychosis for 30 days. No power of suggestion here. And immediately previous to this type of treatment she was in the hospital every 30 days and moving into psychosis within 10 days after leaving the hospital since she will not willingly take anything.

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Your daughter got well by chance and positive thinking, not because the homeopathic remedy did anything meaningful.

If she was actually healed by homeopathy, there would be some kind of intelligent pathology to it, not just “we use energy from a compound titrated to less than 1 part per billion”. That energy is a myth, there’s nothing quantifiable or meaningful to it.

I’m glad your daughter recovered, but without actual medication she’s in danger of relapsing.