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What if I loved him


My now ex boyfriend ( who is schizophrenic ) decides that he wants to be alone after breaking up with me because I don’t understand him. When I first met him he seemed content. Hanging out with his cousins, working, and we were so happy together. He was going to school to be a lawyer he wanted to grow up to have a nice house and get married. He had goals and dreams like anyone else. Now he wants to be alone have a simple job and do his own thing since he doesn’t talk to his family. He told me he gives up on everything today and he doesn’t care about anything. He gives up on himself. I just can’t accept that I tried so hard for nothing. I care so much and he can just choose not to care anymore… and I’m just left here heart broken. What if I loved him? And he just gave up on me.


I’m sorry that you’re in his situation and I know it hurts. If it is any consolation he might not choose it but the illness may have made the choice for him. If you read up on schizophrenia, the flat affect it’s a real symptom and relationships are very hard to maintain. There are a few people on this form who have relationships and they can chime in better than I can but I know living with someone who has a mental illness can be very challenging to say the least.
I wish you the best in the healing process. It sounds like you really haven’t had a resolution and weren’t expecting this. Be good to yourself and take care of yourself.