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What should I do with my schizophrenic boyfriend?

Are you in one now?

I read both of your threads on this subject, and i don’t get it?
You dumped him, you broke his heart, and now you are playing the victim, villainizing and blaming his illness? This is coming off as emotionally manipulative to me.
I normally wouldn’t say something, but i’m seeing red flags. Schizophrenia is a serious illness and you shouldn’t take these things lightly. Recovery is more important than girls wanting to play games.

Yeah I’m getting married. When you’re both ready, and you’re a good fit, it just always feels right. There wouldn’t be any questions left in your head. So he is obviously not right for you, at least not at this point in time.


Did it feel like this when he proposed??

I’m trying to hook up this ditty I wrote into a 30 second TV ad of a marriage proposal.

That is adorable! I was caught totally off guard. I screamed OH SH*T! And I snatched the ring from him, then mauled his face.

I bought a ring for my gal. It was burning a hole in my pocket…

So we’re sitting in my old 1993 Chevette and I kept asking Chantal if she’d like to go out to dinner with me tonight? (I was going to propose)

But she DECLINED dinner!! So I said “F*ck it” to myself and proposed right there in the car!!

She started crying and said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!” I said, “I’m asking you to marry me!!”

Then she wiped away a tear and said, “Okay. I guess…”

lol! (hardly the stuff of romance novels)

Ahh, true love. It very rarely happens like in the movies.

I would say give him some space for a while and when you have contact again don’t try to change him. Look into codependence books and it would explain you all about it. Sometimes we just want to control the other person and that push them away.