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What to do when Crisis Emergency services won't help,


He is at my moms house and driving her crazy with his paranoia. When she comes home, he opens the door and ushers her in so he can close the door and lock it behind her, he puts coins etc. in front of the doors so he knows if someone has opened them. He accuses her of letting people in the house to medicate him, it goes on. He stands in front of the house and flips off people driving by as he insists they are watching him. I cannot let him my mother live like that and she pays for everything, he helps with nothing. I was told he needs to know boundaries and not make others so uncomfortable, so it is only a matter of time before his probation officer removes him from there as well. he is not getting it that he will next be homeless.


I wonder whether maybe we should all say things like: I think my family member has a brain tumor. Dramatically altered behavior and consciousness are symptoms of brain tumors. OR ANYTHING to make them provide differential diagnosis and medical treatment. Without any involvement from law enforcement.


I’m glad you did this and that your daughter is receiving treatment. You are a hero!


My daughter was released from the hospital and is home. She is doing well, able to hold conversations, hungry, wanting a job, saying hello to my husband (her step-dad whom she was ultra-paranoid about), so much more in touch with the real world for the first time in a year. Wow. She even remembered part of her psychotic episode correctly, calling her brother a traitor because he doesn’t come see us anymore. She laughed about it. He has already told me about it, so I knew her recollection and recounting of it was correct. This is the same woman who hasn’t held coherent conversations with me for months beyond a sentence or two occasionally. Thank you @Hereandhere for your compliment. It is midnight, our house is quiet, she is sleeping, no talking to voices. Wow.


@oldladyblue I am amazed at how fast the turn around was for her! Truly amazing. Is she now court ordered to stay on the meds? One thing that helped my son agree to get these shots is that he was exposed to some of the guys in jail who I pointed out - could be your roommate. Months ago he said he didn’t care if he went to jail. After seeing two guys who were in court the same time as we were was a good reality check for him.


In California the law says: person must state they are suicidal or danger to self or others for a 51/50 psych hold. I’m not sure about TN. Find out what the criteria is for a psych hospital hold in your state. Then you have something to work with. You can apply for conservativorship through the courts on an emergency basis and/or call your county NAMI.


I’m so happy for you and your daughter! I hope she stays the course and you have continued improvement!


This wonderful. I hope she stays on the meds. I can verify that life is much better medicated properly!


It is the same in TN. I expressed the fact that she is a danger to herself and that she is fearful of everyone. They didn’t see it as imporant enough because she didn’t live with us.