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What would help you the most? As carer, what can help with your needs?

I’m starting to give up on my sister who says she will die when mum goes
By suicide plan
If mum has that hanging round her neck in her last days?
She is mentally beyond any tiny bit of coping she is falling apart

When you have felt like this what is the best things that you need?
How can I help mum who is 77

How can I hope to give something back?

My sister lives with her
Recently anorexic again,
Schizophrenic late onset 7 yrs psychosis

I know its hard and i’m sorry for you pain but please don’t give up on your sister ,Try and remember she has a disease , perhaps call Nami for advise or the crisis line if she is planning a suicide . She sounds like she needs to be stabilised .

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We are in uk

The nhs has a drive towards care in the community
Meaning you ge5 ten minutesa day if you are compliant

Hospital is that much harder these days there is no crisis team, they just get you to take the person to a and e and there you ge5 a chat and get sent home
She wouldn’t consider a and e
Or a psychiatric dr or nurse or social worker or go or peer group
She is non compliant and we have spent 7 years trying to get her help

In Florida if you are suicidal or talk about suicide you can get baker acted , meaning police will come and take that person to Hospital involuntary . I don’t know how the UK handles that .

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So far when mentioned suicide risk, recently, included in that a vow to jump out of the window if the police are called again, we had an officer say suicide is not a crime - that it is a decision and no one can stop her killing herself
Another time I mentioned she self harms, ensued a pressurised conversation about if she could have a knife… And so of course she could,., as she self injures so they sent 5 riot police on top of the 3 already present

I know difficult is an understatement but hang in there and maybe call suicide help line and get advise

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Is there a local Carers of adult MH family members group that your Mum/ you could join? I belong to one in uk and it helps with the feeings of isolation, they have monthly meetings and invited speakers…if course it has been happening virtually during last few lockdown months.
Our NHS mental health trust also has Patient Participation groups that are locality based and they are open to service users and carers
Very difficult for you and your whole family, try to stay hopeful

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