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My sister attempted suicide last night

Yesterday late She drove six hours to London And attempted the same night but I’ve been to my mum’s early this morning to help her onto a train and take care of her dog. my mum Doesn’t want me to go with her.I think because our relationships are not easy and I have schizophrenia as well so I have no way of helping getting there on the train.mum had three hours sleep and is inconsolable she says she’ll sleep on the train.apparently my sister has cut herself very seriously that’s all I really know that my mum is going to make sure that she has taken into hospital where she is in London now.she thinksThey can’t not take her in now.

Mum is taking the car back home, leaving my sister completely on her own in London
Mum tried to get help for my sister but she was refused and turned out and won’t accept any help
She can’t live alone
She can’t safely feed herself she water fasts binges and vomits
She is psychotic
And self injures
She will probably attempt again

In the U.S. it’s not hard to get a court order for someone to be involuntarily admitted to an emergency room for observation if they are a danger to themselves. From there, if 2 doctors think a longer term stay is necessary they sign a document and the person gets taken to a psychiatric ward of a hospital for an average stay of 9-10 days, but it could be longer if they don’t improve during this time.

How does one get a relative involuntarily committed in England?

By asking the caregiver to take them to a emergency room or mental health officials for assessment
Useless if there is no compliance

A long time ago there were home visits with assessment continuing at hospital

Now if police come over for suicide prevention they strip search and put them in a cell for the night

Or send out riot police and tell the caregivers they have a right to commit suicide

Not even civilised any more

Yeah, that would be impossible if there is no compliance.

Where I live you can call a “crisis intervention team” and they will come with the police and have the relative taken to a hospital emergency room.

I guess you have to try to find some other social agency to deal with which might have a solution.

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They used to do that here
Times have changed
NHS policies are money saving
Only usually inadequate home treatment

I am so sorry @three for the helplessness you must feel. I hope you and your mother can console yourself with the fact that you tried your best to help her. Keep the hope that something might help the situation, and keep looking for it.

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I am sincerely sorry that your sister attempted suicide. What a very difficult situation for your mum and you. I, certainly, hope that your sister will get the help that she needs. I hope that you can find a way to get to London.

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