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Sister is I believe imminently suicidal

I feel I can’t talk to mum about this at length right now. She is coming back to the westcountry tomorrow leaving my sister in London on her own in her flat.

My sister has been acutely suicidal for 7 years and this year has become more hopeful and doesn’t talk about it any more
I think this could be because she has made her decision

She attempted last time. She was alone in London and has been saying some strange things, like her place is mine (in a birthday card), that she wants to cut out her ovaries so that no one else will have them and also that she will always miss me.

We have had no luck getting help for her in 8 years of trying . She is non compliant and delusional and has no insight.

These days they push you to another help line after listening for 45 mins. Or they send riot police and say that it is her right if she wants to kill herself, or paramedics rouse her and say they want to help and don’t, or police escort her out of the property and give her a hotel room for a night, or they expect us to take her to see emergency doctors at ER and she would never comply with that, or she’s on probation for 18 months without helping.

I can’t ask my mum not to leave her… she has been through too much
I have to do something myself