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Who do you turn to for advice?


I make all the medical, financial, etc. decisions for my loved one. I think I do a “pretty good” job, but sometimes I wonder if I could do better? Sometimes I talk to my mom, but I feel like it really worries her. Sometimes I talk to my daughter, but other times she tells me not today. I can go to a counselor for an hour every 2 weeks, but sometimes that just seems like the tip of the iceberg! I think this forum is the closest I have to real understanding. Does anyone have ideas that have worked for them?


I talk to his mother and sometimes I’ll talk to his grandmother.


I have a therapist and I got to a DBT group which is another kind of therapy, and I get a lot from this forum…that is all for me.


Parent support group run by our medical insurance helps and the addiction support groups for parents (in our case that’s what’s involved too).


What helps me is reading books about schizophrenia/ schizoaffective, this forum and sometimes when my son is in crisis I call the hotlines. There are several hotlines that take calls 24/7 and since most of the crisis takes places during the weekends or late at night it helps to talk to someone even if they can only talk to you for a couple of minutes. Crying helps but sometimes I don’t even have the energy to cry.