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Why the same delusions

Today all because he has gained weight in his thighs.

This is his answer to weight gain, no one was born with legs like these, so when he was little during an operation they put implants in so he could be used to,traffic in the s#x trade and used as a porn star. They are trying to use him as a gay gang r@pe victim .

Hubby let them in, he let the police, mental health team , saying hubby must have been a criminal in the past for the life he suffers.
Blaming hubby for arranging a man to be on the train so he would spike his drink, I can hear them right mow downstairs now, hubby saying go away, go, away before I ridicule you.
Saying he was touched up,as a kid but can’t say by who, (I don’t believe for a min he was) by the way, in fact I know he want I know it’s all in his head.

Hubby took him to an outdoor car racing show near us today then this, ends up both the,swearing .
We saw psychiatrist on fri for the second dose of new injection, at first son said he wasn’t accepting it (he has to on a cto) after an host chat with dr, his nurse and me , even some laughter as we do succeed comedy shows son likes.
Then all this. Just heard hubby tell him to go,away as he can’t look at him.
I told son after he said today again about rejecting meds next time that if he does he won’t live here, basically we can’t go,through him in,educated again.
Thanks for listening.

Do you think that going out around crowds might trigger him?

I see an uptick in symptoms when my son is stressed, and sometimes just going out somewhere stresses him.
Which is bad, because he needs to go out more and not be stuck in his head so much.

I’m not sure, we were all sitting in the sitting room watching a film moana, he started talking about his big thighs (always had strong legs) since putting weight on he has on his legs. It all escalated from there. He’s calmed down now . I read on here about parents being their “soft place to fall” oh that’s so true.

Since Friday morning I have received 28 texts from Jeb regarding his latest delusion - that we are stalking him and abusing him sexually. He says it’s all taking place online. I keep asking him to turn the game off, report it to the game administrator, etc. He keeps asking us to cease and desist. The last one was at 4:15am today.

At 10:53am he texts wanting to know if I picked up mail that was delivered to him yesterday. Was a pleasant break from the cyberbullying texts… We had forgotten to pick up the mail yesterday and he is afraid to walk to the mailbox.

The internet is his lifeline to the world - of course the scz wouldn’t leave that alone. No stone unturned must be its theme.

He likes discussion boards for politics and sports. I wonder how many people reading them get all upset about his extreme thoughts on politics.

A friend was telling me about something she had read online “oh how awful people are” -she was all upset and planning to write a rebuttal. She does know about Jeb so I told her that he has been involved in such forums before and maybe she should consider all of the possibilities about the people who may be writing them before getting quite so upset.

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It’s weird that as my son used to be addicted to online forums, sports ones, he got so annoyed when people wouldn’t see his point of view and saw their own.
He liertally spent hours and hours on these forums. All before he got ill, he hasn’t been on them now for years.

And mine got involved with online forums after his illness started…