Will my schizophrenic husband ever understand just how much I love him

I think that’s the biggest thing I struggle with, is when my husband gives me this certain look. A look of uncertainty, a look of, I know what you’re up too :disappointed: Will he ever know and truly understand, just what he means to me?!?!

I think communication is the key. You can ask him how he’s feeling and you could tell him how much he means to you. You could try searching for a couples communication workshop near you.

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Is he med-compliant, and are the meds working for all his symptoms most of the time? Either way, from what I’ve seen, many people with schizophrenia are unable to feel or express empathy and other related emotions the way “neuronormal” people experience them. They have so much going on in their own heads there often isn’t space for much else. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know you love him on some level, even if delusions make him sometimes believe things about you that aren’t real. It seems the people closest to those with SZ often get the brunt of hurtful or unpleasant behavior, perhaps because they aren’t as prone to covering up or faking as they might do with outsiders.

You may never get the kind of love from him that you are giving him and sound like you need. He is so lucky to have you. Just keep loving him and telling him how you feel, and keep ask him how he is feeling and what he needs. And try to get empathetic, emotive love from other people in your life.