Wish me luck! Flying out to get my son tomorrow (Nov 20)

The power of attorney stuff I have put on hold for now. Lawyer double talk is more then I feel like dealing with right now. Let my son know that in place of this I expect him to sign releases so that I can talk to his treatment team and once back on disability the room and board portion comes directly to me. He can still get his portion directly to him but I’m not fighting him for my portion when he is unstable. Not sure if he will be on a community treatment order (AOT in the US) or not but if he relapses and gets admitted again within a short period of time then I’m sure they will put him on one.

We are coming back on Sunday. I just found out that they won’t release him until the day we are flying back. The Dr doesn’t want to take any chances with him relapsing while in a certain environment (grandmothers) so he will be getting released on extended leave into the pdocs care here. The hospital and PACT will communicate and sort out all the information regarding medications etc.

I’m relieved to have some of this off of my shoulders. His grandmother called me on Saturday and was crying that she wanted to spend some time with my son before he leaves that she may never see him again due to her own heart troubles etc. What do I say to a crying woman? Yet I was so afraid of him relapsing without my constant supervision before I could get him on a plane so I’m so relieved that the hospital took it out of my hands and are refusing to release him until the day we fly back.

His case worker at PACT is going to check into how the Invega shot gets paid for. It may be covered under his provincial health care card if administered through PACT. That will be a relief if it is.

Unfortunately my daughter will only get a couple of days with me but the sooner I get my son home the better. I will do my best to make the best of the little time she and I will have. So yah… Keep your fingers crossed for me that everyone goes reasonably smooth.

wow sounds like a huge ordeal. I’m glad you will have your son back and that the terms he stays stable seem in order this time…you did it !! yayyy for @BarbieBF

Im sure all will go well.

I hope everything goes well for you and your son. Let us know how it goes!

**Sounds like you have the bull by the horns–good job!
Sending you everything good ~~~~~~~

I’m often a jerk and I know we fight a lot but I do hope your son gets things together. This illness is rough.

I’m so glad he gets to come home so soon. good luck and may it go smoothly.

I’m really rooting for you that this all goes well with little drama.

:hearts: like
good luck.
take care

I hope all goes well for you and your son, it must be exciting to have him back at home again.

God speed, BarbieBF.


Good luck this time around. Have you considered Day Programs for him? We have mental health workers here in California that will come directly to your house. They take you out to coffee or they will go for a walk with a person. Having THEM come to YOU makes a person feel safe and in control because it’s in their own environment.

The PACT Team has workers that come to our home. All of them do actually even his pdoc if needed. Available to him is his case worker, nurse, peer support, occupational therapist and weekly outings that they will pick him up for as well as weekly group session. Maybe this time he will at least try to participate.

Best of luck to you @BarbieBF! :smiley:

@BarbieBF that sounds like the best possible scenario he could be in as a recovering stabilizing phase ! I’m happy for all of your family on this news.

Wishing you luck with the flying and everything you’re doing!

I’m glad you will have your son home, where he can get better in a healthy, and constructive environment. It sounds like his grandmother has a rather unhealthy connection with your son. I know family matters but there are boundaries that need to be met, I think you’re doing the right thing, well done on getting through it all!

I hope he stabilises with you,
Take care,

You’ve got a lot on your plate, but I’m sure you’re up to it.

I saw reference to this in another post that I blocked your message. I can’t block private messages. In case you didn’t read this thread I have been busy with seeing my son who was almost on the other side of the country and today is the first I have been on here since I left. Please don’t jump to these false conclusions.

There are other moderators. I don’t hold the key alone.

Good luck with helping your son.