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My son just called me and wants to come home!


He is so lost. He sounds so hopeless about life. My heart is breaking for him right now.

BUT he wants to come home! Actually he wants me and him to move away to another country together… That he knows that I love him :hearts: He knows that he can’t go back to his grandmother and he says that he doesn’t want to. I told him that I want power of attorney so that this doesn’t happen again and that I want to help him to get his life back on track and make the right decisions. I asked him to let me help him and he said yes.

The Invega shot is working. He sounds much clearer and he says that the ‘entities’ (voices) are gone now that it was just me and him… that he is alone…

I asked him to try to be patient while I try to get everything sorted out. Waiting to hear back from disability, hoping that I don’t have to pay out of pocket for his medications again. Also waiting to hear back from a lawyer. I want to take power of attorney papers with me to be signed right away. I have to do everything in my power to stop this from happening again.


Ah, poor love. It’s so good, but it must have been such a crash for him to suddenly realize all that. Good luck with the next stage!


@BarbieBF the time it takes you to make sure everything in order is good because that will give some “proving time” that he stands by what he says by then? I for one am very happy to hear you are working on getting back with your son since you obviously are the only one who really understands (his grandmother didn’t understand !)


This is good news @BarbieBF! Positive steps forward


I’m so glad the Invega is working for him! My son was doing ok on it, and I have toyed with the idea of trying it again for my son - but he put on 100 lbs in about 6 months. On Geodon he is now dropping the weight, but his psychosis is not really under control.


I am so glad you’ve found something that works. I hope it stays that way. I have a feeling that it will and that you are starting a new wonderful chapter with your son.


good to hear barbiebf x


I hope this works out***
He should be able to get an emergency medical card until his medicaid kicks in. I know the SSI/SSDI normally takes about 3 months to kick in. I hope that power of attorney works fast–PUSH them!
Good luck Barbie–glad this medicine is working…**


good news…he is so lucky to have you…hoping for the best for you and your son.
take care


Don’t take this the wrong way Barbie, but your son knows when he had it good. But I hope it works out this time. I lived with my dad when I was 28 or 29. I liked it when he was home.When he got home from work we took walks around the neighborhood or walked to the video game arcade and played Pacman, lol. We played Pacman two or three days a week. Sometimes we went out to dinner. But it was also the worst time in my life because I was addicted to crack and relapsing in my schizophrenia. I had to call the cops for myself to take me to be evaluated a couple times. And I was unemployed and while my dad was at work I had nothing to do. I was going crazy being alone. And I had BAD Akathesia. I had 8 hours to kill everyday. And I just had a couple dollars to spend every now and then. Man, my family is so glad I quit drugs and got more responsible.


I am so glad he’s coming to his senses and that he will now have a care taker that he doesn’t have to try and take care of too.

What a hard situation all the way around. So glad he finally want’s to get back on track.

It’s bitter sweet that it took the punch in the face and the suicide watch for that side of the family to finally realize that you knew what your were doing.

But at least they now see it… hopefully this will get them working WITH you for his health and not against you.

My biggest happiest congratulations goes out for you and your son… to finally have everyone on the same page in the healing process… it can only get better from there.

( your a very wonderful person who tries to be forgiving and understanding and see both sides… I know you probably won’t do it… but I wouldn’t blame you if you went to somewhere private and did a bit of a “told ya so” gloat dance… :wink:)


Hey Barbie, this is wonderful news. I feel so bad for you that you had to go through all of this. Hopefully things will turn around. God it just makes me wanna cry.


so glad for him the medicine is helping and hes on it. Always good for both of you when that kind of change comes around.


BarbieBF, I am so happy for you! Finally your son realized you were the best caregiver for him! Hope he becomes stable soon on this medication.


Glad to hear the good news!!!


This is really good news. He is helping himself by allowing you to help him. That is so hopeful, and insightful, and healthy, despite how despondent he sounds, his ACTIONS show he is invested in a better future.


As of yesterday he told me not to come and get him :frowning: He doesn’t want any rules so told his grandmother that he wants to stay with her because there he doesn’t have to do anything. Apparently his grandmother thinks I’m stupid for thinking that my son would want to be with me. His dad is telling me to come get him.

I told my son I don’t want to force him to be with me if that isn’t where he wants to be. That he needs to decide if he would rather have a life of being inpatient 2-3 times a year and 75% of the time psychotic or a life with some rules where he is not in the hospital. As is normal for my son though, unless I can give him what he wants then I’m of little use to him in this condition.

I guess the grandmother didn’t have him admitted because watching him be so happy, in psychosis, playing with his imaginary friends, made her happy. So I’m stuck between trying to help him but not getting the support I need to do it. If he doesn’t willingly sign the power of attorney papers then I don’t have the money etc to fight for it.

Just have to wait it out and hope that he gains enough insight to want a better life. I don’t know what else to do.


sorry to here that. hopefully he will come around soon.


I am so sorry that this nana of his is not supportive of healing.

I admit, when I was younger… having absolutely NO expectation on me… having no responsibility for my actions… that would have been really cool for me.

But left to just suffer in my own head and not come up for air… I could only imagine how much lower my functioning would have become, and how much MORE time I would have spent in hospital.

I hope his Dad can help get your son back home.


I am so, so sorry! What a crushing blow. You just keep trying, get family members willing to talk to him about coming back to your home talking to him as well. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s all you can do.