Wow, this just hit me

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This just hit me… I was saying how much I hated being watched while I’m just taking a pill and drinking water… I’m wondering…

My sis will pitch a fit if I try and watch her eat. She’ll pick up her plate an hide in her room if I get too intense while she’s eating. At first I thought it was sneaky brained thinking and she was hiding the food.

But… I’m sorry to say… I’ve still compulsively been turning over her room… I try not to… but my head won’t let me rest until I do it. Maybe I’ve got some sneaky brained thinking of my own going.
But I haven’t found any old sandwiches stashed anywhere. It’s really hard to hide soup in a room.

Maybe it’s not the sneaky brain of anorexia. Maybe she just doesn’t like being stared at while doing normal things… just like I don’t like being started at while doing normal things.

I can get irritated sometimes with my husband. I know he does it because he loves me and loves looking at me but it makes me uncomfortable to have someone watching me so closely that if I take a big breath he asks me if everything is ok because I sighed… Yup, it’s irritating lol Makes me feel like I can’t act natural and puts me on edge.

That is quit the epiphany and sis probably could do with some freedom on this :smile:

I’m laughing about when she sees this post.

Not wanting people seeing you eat is not that uncommon…particularly in anorexia. I felt uneasy eating in public when I had anorexia at 16.