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This is an exact repeat of last year

Laat year at this time my fiance’ was totally losing it and we did a mental hygiene arrest. Spent my birthday visiting him in the R wing. He acted like he was on vacation blaming everyone else for his being there.
Well today I had to go for a MRI and other tests. I was not home for 4 hours. I pulled into the driveway and he was taking down the aluminum screen and pulling his car in. In the summer our garage serves as a breezeway. He pulled his car in and closed the door. He changed the code on the garage door opener, nailed the door shut and told me to come back later that he needed to sleep. He doesnt pay any of the Bill’s but he wants all of the liberties This is my family’s house. He used to be able to say that to me when he had his apartment. Not anymore. He wouldn’t open the door so I had to cut a screen and let myself in. He called the police on me. I was unloading my car totally exhausted and an officer walks up. After my conversation with him he talked to my fiance. It was so strange that he was trying to convey to the police officer that he wanted me to leave. The officer told him that it is my and my family’s property and he cant ask me to leave. It is very uncomfortable when my neighbors that I have known for years see/hear this. So now he wants to go somewhere to be by himself but I know the voices are going with him wherever he goes. So sad. He is in my basement talking 100 mph non stop to the voices and himself. 1 minute hes laughing and then the next very nasty. He cant complete 1 sentence that makes any sense or that anyone can understand. Very early this morning around 230am he was cooking shrimp Dishes and butter everywhere. The whole house smelled so I had to say up to make sure he turned off the stove even though I had appointments today!

I wanted to add that last year the voices in his head convin him to be alone and a week later we was in a catatonic state. This time he might not come back.

Your fiance has a serious mental illness. Is he taking any medication for it? If you want to stick with this man and have a life, learn all you can (suggest “Surviving Schizophrenia: A Family Manual”, NAMI Family Support Group and NAMI’s Family to Family Class (NAMI programs are at no cost)).

You do need to realise with all respect this is a life long condition. You will always be his carer and its so hard mentally and physically. My son is schizophrenic and everyday revolves around monitoring him and going through these episodes. Its heartbreaking.