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6 months pregnant feeling so alone

Im.6 months pregnant by someone suffering from this awful disease , I just kept giving him chances and he couldn’t do right ! I put him out , today I tried texting explaining to him I don’t hate him but u can’t risk my pregnancy dealing with him and all his issues right now . He blocked my number and dosent want to be in his child’s life because he feels like I abandoned him but I tried everything! On top of that his family hates me! They said he dosent need to be in this baby’s life because that don’t want him around me , I don’t know what he tells them but this situation has been dragged on for so long I just wanna finish with a healthy pregnancy, has anyone else been through this ?

soory tohear youre going through such difficult times…i hope things improve for you…did you ever have a good relationship with this guy…sz can be difficult…he must be in a bad way mentally

He abused drugs for years, spice. And his family really just didn’t do anything about it. When we met he stayed clean and i was trying to help but I think it came off as me being hard on him, his family banned me don’t want me anywhere around him and wants nothing to do with his baby . I got him to take his medicine, he hadn’t tooken it in 2 years . He had a few episodes one of them I had to have him arrested