Somewhere someone can help I hope!

Hello… i’m Jenifer (not my real name) im 19 years old and in a relationship with a 21 year old suffering with scitzophrenia. A year ago things were great, until the drugs started. I had never touched anything but
marijuana and whwn we got together it kinda just happened. For about 2 months we went down a terrible path. We met august 1st 2013 by december 1st I was 3 weeks 5 days pregnant. Thats when things got bad. Because I forced us to stop this life of drug abuse. And he was supprisingly able to quit cold turkey after 2 years of use. For about a month things were great but slowly got rocky he was leaving his phone on audiorecord n would come back accusing me of fondling his 15-14 yr old brothers. Things went from bad ro worse. A month after my daughter was born he became abusive which he never did n the begining he loved me to death. We became homeless due to our fighting and the verbal abuse increased. Things were terrible… I just recently found out he was talking to many other females and stating that I was cheating etc. The accusations became overwhelming. I got to the point where I wasnt even comfortable using the restroom. Anyway as time passed now im at a point where physically I have moved in with my mother and my daughter is with me. He often times feels like im keeping our daughter away. 2 weeks ago I had to call 911 because he called accusing me of having men in the home and stated I would be killed along with the rest of my family. I am at a point where its unbearably painful. And hes no longer functional to a productive point to be a parent… its time for me to let go but I fear for my family my child and myself… but I domt want to get a restraining order because there are times hes well and times hes safe. But I cant tell if hes lying to me about his meds or anything. But the main question is… how do I let go so I am safe and my family and child are safe 1st off?

Hi Jenifer. It sounds like your boyfriend is in need of a lot of help. Does he have any family that could be of assistance? Recently my son did some things that he would not normally do however he is in psychosis. I think your first priority is to keep yourself, your baby and your family safe. Restraining orders, to my knowledge, can be cancelled if not needed at a later date. In the meantime having one may be your best option and get you help faster if needed.

His mother is controlled by her boyfriend who has a serious drug abuse problem sometimes they help him sometimes rhey dont but they accuse him of using drugs so its difficult to get him support his familt is very selfish very unhealthy and unhelpful. And because he jus recently blackened my eye my family has chosen to refrain from interactions with him. Which I understand. But yes hes very sick. Hes getting worse its gotten to where he thinks the deviil is in him he claims that he’s not even a person anymore he’s just a demon

Definitely get a restraining order!
At some point someone is going to pick him up and
hopefully get him some help. If he has a drug problem, that just makes his psycosis worse.
Good luck-I hope he gets some help–but you must take care of you and your baby. maybe he will see that and get help for himself.
Stay strong!

Please, please, please, please get that order of protection, nothing else matters if you and your daughter and family are not safe. This is not the kind of regret you want to have. People often do not take these kinds of things seriously enough. If he needs to hit rock bottom to get help then at least HE’S GETTING HELP! If that is what it takes, you are not responsible for that-you are only responsible for your own actions, and protecting that innocent child. Drugs, abuse, and mental illness are a potentially lethal combination. Be vigilant about your safety. It is the most important thing.

Okay… Ill do thay. My daughter is my world and id lose it all mentally if something happened to us. Thank u guys. I desperately needed s someone’s input besides his careless relatives. <3