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A special moment


Earlier this week, I had a very special moment with my daughter. She was showing me some art she was working on and I was about to leave her room and she said, “Don’t go yet! Stay and we can talk for a while.” She then explained in detail what she calls her “mind palace”, a special place she retreats to in her mind. She had even drawn a map of this imaginary place. She talked about the diffenent characters that live there and how they talk to her throughout the day. She showed me drawings of these characters. I just say there with her and listened, making no judgements at all, only listening and asking questions. It was very interesting getting a peek at her thought patterns. It really was a very special time with my daughter, one I treasure.


That sounds very special, thanks for sharing…nice to hear the positives.


Your daughter seems to be a very intelligent person, gifted with insight and good communication ability. To be able to draw her mind palace and explain the characters, oh how special that is. And you are such a great support to her! Thank you for your post, it makes me smile.