A texting relationship?

Tell me what do you think. So a woman I knew from way back, has two nice kids now 9 and 11. She was texting that she just wants a man that will take care of her and her kids likewise her taking care of him.

A lot of people are in this situation. My best friend in high school has a 4 year old boy. And he is going through a divorce.

Its like cool to stay in touch and all, but I have a son way over in the philippines that is my responsibility. And I don’t think I’ll be anything more than friends. Because the thought of taking care of someone elses kids is too much Dad responsibilities.

I could relocate and try and make it happen. But my priorities are my own kid first.

So what left is there to text? I mean she is cool and all. Funny person. What role should I take? I’m just going to leave it at that, and hope someone with the experience chimes in. Thanks…

Hey there. Wish her luck in her search for happiness and tell her to stay in touch. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

I don’t really have experience in this particular situation, but there were some key phrases that signify to me you need to move on:

  1. “She wants a man to take care of her and her kids”. No mention of I love her and she loves me, we are soulmates, etc. Just her being cool is not enough to sustain a relationship as heavy duty as this one would be.
  2. “I have a son in the Phillippines”. That is plenty enough responsibility!
  3. “My priorities are my own kid first”. Most likely as time moved on, she would want her kids to be your first priority.
    So to sum it up, I agree with @HelpinNY and say “Run, Lester Wayne, run!”:slight_smile:

If you want to continue a friendship only, you could try texting back something like this: I hope that you find someone. My priority is my son so it’s not something that I’m looking for but good for you.

That way you have acknowledged what she said but nicely said you are not interested while encouraging her to look elsewhere.

Hello everybody. I text her with what I needed to be said. And since y’all helped I will share with you her response.

“Ohh ya totally duhh lol. I wasn’t thinking or feeling that silly gilly. It’s cool we had stayed in touch here and there thru out the years of life and ya I appreciate our friendship. I no worries. Like we could have a relationship Neways lol. Im focused on my kids and myself. Thats y iv choose to be single all these yrs. Thanks tho for everything;)”

I’m just going to leave it at that unless someone with experience has anything else they 'd like to chime in. Like is that the last word? I don’t think I’d say anything more about it. Thanks for reading

Doesnt sound like the last word…she said she wasnt thinking or feeling something and called you silly. Do you want a relationship with her? Sounds to me like she is asking you that

I say count your blessings and leave it alone.

Thanks mortimermouse for your insight it helps every time. I never would of caught it like that… It wouldn’t be impossible for me and her to set up. She stays in Alaska, I have lots of family there. I mean to ask me if I want a relationship with her, it is a possibility and that is all I was saying. However our minds are set differently. I see that she has her mindset with her and her kids. And mine are with my only son in the Philippines. No matter how you slice and dice, I would prefer to be single.

Stay awaaaaaay from this woman.