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Acute onset of paranoid delusions

Think about it 6 months ago my husband has started having acute onset of paranoid delusions and started hearing voices he has no history of mental illness is 38 years old aren’t he quit his job because he felt like everybody was talking about him his hearing voices and he keeps talking with them and carrying a conversation he’s totally cut off from reality and I don’t know what to do. He feels like everybody’s out to get him he is talking to the voices in his head it’s a voices of the family members of the people that he feels like they don’t like him or them his ex-boss it just makes no sense to me I don’t know what to do please help

My husband asked me if I hear the voices and if I say no he gets mad at me he said that I’m being paid for by some kind of government agency or or sometimes she believes I have gotten raped at my job and it makes no sense it all it happened in a matter of past 4or 5 months I just don’t know what to think about it what could cause this

I don’t know much about these things, but I would definitely make sure to see a regular (in addition to psychiatric) doctor to rule out any physical cause.

Sending you warm wishes…it is such a scary thing to go through, but this is a great forum. I have gotten a lot of encouragement and good advice here. I hope your husband will go with you to the ER or his doctor.


Two weeks ago he wanted me to take him to the ER because he feels like somebody has implanted some kind of hearing device in his ear and that’s how people are talking to him so I took him to the ER and of course they wanted him admitted him to psychiatric unit it took whole bunch of medications to calm him down and he finally got admitted to the psychiatric unit but after a few days on this I would go and get a quart or there he could they wouldn’t keep him there and he couldn’t stay there for a few days that he was their Auburn and visited him and it seems like the symptoms have improved but I didn’t know if I should get a court order there I mean it’s so crazy I would lose the right of controlling if he will stay at hospital or coming home so I decided to not get the court order so he came home and now everything is starting all over again the same thing hearing voices delusions paranoia talking to the voices in his head

hi my daughter think the govt and the washing machine and wifi and the bathroom is not good for her… she wont recognize me, she is on med.? at times, when she is on med,she talks to me , when off she doesn’t know me. since the privacy act started, I cant help her with the drs, and hospital. because she didn’t sigh the agreement to let me help her, so im at a stand still… she been is in and out of hospital. finally through a friend they told me she was diagnosed as paranoid and scizo/

I never thought that my husband being 38 years old with all of the sudden have paranoid schizophrenic delusions and start hearing voices I always taught that if someone was that way they will probably be diagnosed in their teens or twenties and had a history of mental illness I just don’t understand how my husband has no history of mental illness and all of the sudden he’s been his 38 this is starting to happen can anyone else relate does anyone know of anybody that just had a late onset of this disorder in life

I can’t speak to late onset of sz, but I think you should start the process again—starting w ER visit, and then hopefully psych ward. This time, if you are given the option of court ordered meds, take it. Otherwise, get him on an injectable med to help w compliance,

I know it’s heart breaking, confusing, frustrating. I was married to someone who was paranoid sz. Unfortunately, for many sz patients, it takes several tries w medications and hospitalizations before they find a med that works and they can live with.


Hit my wife at 31, she was perfectly normal when we married and had a child…

same here

Normal for SZ, they all have the Gov on them… Wait till GOD steps in… Not Good…


I mean I could go to court house and sign a petition and police would come hand cuff him and take him to psych ward…I am just scared because than it would be up to judge when and if he could be discharged home…
And I am scared he would hate me …what do you think ?? Should I do that???

Dear @Roya20 this is so terrifying for you and I’m sorry, my daughter was diagnosed at 42 and it’s been a dreadful 2 year journey and still is.
Other like minded caregivers will give you good advice on the next steps to take, so glad you found this forum, I find new information on here to help me everyday.
He certainly needs psychiatric intervention, sooner than later.
On advice from this forum I’m currently reading…
You can download as an Ebook onto your phone, the book is most helpful to me.
In friendship,

I would try getting him to ER/psych unit first. Unless he becomes violent… In that case, call the police right away.

I also thought it was rare later in life, but it hit my husband in his 50s. In retrospect, he’d probably had some minor symptoms in his teens or 20’s but nothing that appeared more than normal adolescent issues.

In my readings, sounds like 10-15% of cases occur after age 45, which is considered “late onset”.

It also occurs occasionally after age 60-65 (“very late onset”). My understanding is that in these cases, it generally is associated with dementia.

But it’s horrible at any age. I am so sorry you are going through this and as a newly wed, too.

When you took him to the ER and he was discharged from the psychiatric unit, was he discharged with medication?

And are you in Great Britain? If so, I think there sometimes are first episode psychosis teams that will come to the house to help with medications and/or cognitive therapy treatment.

Since he left the hospital against medical advice they didnot send him home with meds. I live in united states

Ah. Yes, I agree with Jan that taking him to the ER is your best bet and GSSP is right that the police will not be able to do anything without threat of harm to self or others.

You will need to persuade him to go to the ER and eventually to participate in treatment. This is very challenging and a terrible thing to have to go through as a newly wed, when you should be building a life together.

Dealing with delusions is immensely challenging. I highly recommend getting Javier Amador’s book (“I’m not sick and I don’t need help”) and using his LEAP method. I also highly recommend watching his online videos.

I personally find the LEAP method quite challenging as I am naturally quite good at perspective taking but really struggle when the situation is my spouse believing that I am intentionally trying to cause him harm.

When I am able to really try to understand and empathize with his perspective, he is much more willing to listen to mine, and then even if we do not agree, at least we are in communication again and feeling some caring from the other.

I am really sorry you and your husband are going through this at what should have been such a happy and positive time for you both.

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@Roya20 you may find this short video helpful from Dr Xavier Amador…
Kindest thoughts.

Sorry to hear that :disappointed:
Was he on drugs?

Or the aliens, luminati, cia or fbi - it’s really sad

im sorry , , its so hard to know what to do… .wishing you prayers