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Back Home Again

Well my partner, after Mental hygiene arrest and spent1 whole week in the hospital. No change and discharged once again.

Meanwhile I have been packing up my parents house because it is being sold and I have to fond us a new place to live. As i am doing all of this he is sitting upstairs in his bedroom talking to himself (voices) and so it starts again. If we move to an apartment we probably will be evicted in a week. His yelling and outbursts would not be tolerated. I know that having to move is definitely causing him to act out but it iw beyond my control. I am so exhausted mentally and physically! I dont think that i can handle one of his many “episodes” right now with everything that is going on. He doesnt realize or notice what an impact this has on me. My so called family who’s true colors at the mention of money are making me sick!