Barby B friend=bevkay?

barby B fried are u a mod (bevkay)

No I am not bevkay. bevkay used to be a moderator awhile ago on the old forum.

Yes I am a moderator now on this forum.

Barbie, I recently found out that you are a moderator on this site, I did not know this. Glad you are on here helping people. You are fair and knowledgeable - thanks

That is how you have the power to lock a thread. I was wondering… Very cool. I hear it’s a lot of work. Thank you for taking on this task.

It’s my pleasure. I’m on here a lot and I am grateful for the opportunity to help if I can.

this is how i feel about this (not that it matters) why cant we have moderators on a schizophrenia forum that ARE schizophrenic???

There aren’t a lot of schizophrenics I would trust for the job for various reasons. I feel more comfortable with a sane person, who is sane.

Geez, we’re not all psychotic.

stigma from the stigmatised or just self stigma either way offensive.

Thank you for taking up this task. Thank you for all your help and suggestions.