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Can an argument make my boyfriend have a manic episode

So my boyfriend has a cousin that lied to him like he had sex with me when we first was together. It was a lie I had never met the cousin. Now Everytime he goes over to visit, he comes back with these outlandish stories about me and my past life. Literally getting in the car saying I’ma hoe! And it’s sickens me. I’ve never even cheated on my boyfriend. We are supposed to sign a lease in March, and he is now saying he does not even wanna live with me anymore. All if this came from one visit to the cousin’s house. Is him going over there triggering something in him? Beacuse I talked to the cousin and the wife and they said eveytime he comes over there he brings me up saying horrible things. So why is my boyfriend going over there degrading me,and coming home accusing me of things that never happened. They no longer want him around, they have kids and don’t want to deal with him at all. But I may be pregnant and I’m so lost . He blocked my number and I haven’t heard from him literally in days…

You need a stable boyfriend / husband. Seems like you need to kindly break things off with the current BF. If you’re strong enough, have the child and get child support off of him later on.


I am sorry but I agree, you need to end off this relationship or your life will continue in a downward spiral until you hit bottom. I’ve read several of your posts, and I feel sorry for the pain he is causing you. It won’t change, until, unless, he gets on medication and stays on it. Even on medication, he may never treat you right. It is hard to leave an abusive relationship, I know, I lived that life. But you must leave it, and him, behind you.

Yes, maybe the argument is a trigger, but anything can be a trigger, it is mostly unpredictable, as you know from experience. If you are pregnant, it is best to leave now. It will be much harder in the future with a child to leave. I spent 17 years in an abusive relationship… I finally left, a broken woman. That was 10 years ago. I should have left the instant I found out I was pregnant. Instead I dragged myself and 2 kids through 17 years of hell. He is dangerous. Get out now.

Hello @Dracc123,
Just catching up on some reading. It is hard for others to understand a loved one who is mentally ill. It has taken me awhile to grasp that a person with a MI does not understand the situation and neither does the family.
I hope you can find some information here on the forum to help you with your situation.

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