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Can I talk about religion in a general way in a family sense?

I’m struggling because my mum will not accept my return to a religion and at the moment I’m keeping my return to it from her
She does have reasons like my sisters religious delusions my religious delusions and her associations having had 3 schizophreniac daughters I’m the eldest…
If I mention a single word about it she would literally snap at the mention

I have to keep it from her which is stressful but she would raise the roof if I say one word

three, what does your therapist say about your return to yoga and your return to religion?

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She said first of all that it was up to me.
She has the same purpose in her practice or related spiritual religion
She mentioned that she keeps her beliefs to herself most of the time unless she knows she will only get understanding back with the person she is talking to
I will ask her if she minds sticking it all together with me just so that there is less guesswork

She is bona fide and educated, ordinary and exceptional therapist whose path has involved yoga and a set of beliefs or religion

I would like to Devote more and more to these practices gradually getting it back in my life

I didn’t expect everything about this to be lonely

Sorry i can’t state enough how she would fly out of her mind if she heard I’m doing yoga again

She has no time for religious beliefs and if I did tell her everything she would be unsettled for a very ling time
Doing anything she could to stop me

I have moved away from her flat by about an hour or 2 away lies are already showing cracks

You had said there had been problems before, I can see that your mom would be concerned.

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Moving and working on recovery is a lonely sort of business.

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No one can do it for me ey?

Thanks hope

It isn’t just me it’s a lifetime of 3 sisters all with acute and long term episodes

Would you tell her?
should tell her is the probable conclusion
She is fragile

She has spent 7 years living with an aggressive alcoholic in delusions pretty non stop
I would not.last a year in her situation and that’s not half of the rest of psychosis in our small family

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Its really the sort of thing to ask your therapist, its their job eh?

You are welcome three

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