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Dad doesn't call me :(


So today marks two weeks my dad is in the hospital. I was calling him twice a day last week…short conversation…pretty much just had to call him so he knows I’m thinking of him. He hasn’t called me once since he’s been in. He has called my mom just a handful of times. I think I’m just being sensitive cause I know my pops loves me and this is all about him not me. But I guess my question is…should I just not call and give him space and just wait til our visits once a week?


Does he have schizophrenia?

What is his psychosis like?

Has it ever remissed?


Hi SoitGoes…Yes he is SZ.
To be honest it’s all new to me…my mom knows what he’s like best during his psychosis.
He was good for 38 years.

He is very paranoid and last month worried about me constantly. Even totalled his car on his way to my house we think.
He wanted to hurt himself ( which is why he went to the hospital this time around)
He worries about money mostly.
He was hallucinating my mother said the past couple of months. Supposedly saw a man dressed in all black…not sure what else if anything.
Also doesn’t talk as much and tends to prefer to keep to himself although he is socializing a bit more in the hospital.
Sorry I’m rambling :frowning:


He was tired of working and that’s when this all came about. He is 64.