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Dad Favoring Non-mentally Ill Son

Any tips on how to handle your child’s dad who seems to be favoring the non-mentally ill child?

Kids’ dad left, remarried someone who does not understand sch and moved 2 1/2 hours away. He moved 1 1/2 years ago. As time goes by, I see him texting and calling our 14 yo freshman (diagnosed with anxiety and adhd) but not reaching out to our 19 yo daughter (diagnosed with p schiz at age 11). I see that it hurst her to be slighted. I encourage her to tell her dad how she feels but she doesn’t want to.

I take his actions as a personal insult because I have been left to support and raise her. The more her dad isn’t interested in her life and the times step-mom is critical and not understanding with her quirks, the less she is interested in visiting her dad (kids can see him every other weekend). I need the break time and the kids need time with their dad.

When we got the official diagnosis of childhood onset schizophrenia at age 11, I remember him saying he didn’t want this illness to change our lives. Well, it did.

Yes it is, That’s a damn shame, sorry no advise here other than have the child support reevaluated to soak him for every penny for the remaining child…

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