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Delusions about Social Networks


After reading so many stories here, I decided to ask for advice for mine. My bf have been diagnosed with sz six years ago, but he only told me this two weeks ago (we have been together for almost one year). He was taking some meds but he stopped a few months after we started dating. I noticed that some months ago he started with some weird behaviors, such as, thinking he is being followed, thinking that I’m scheming something against him. I didn’t understand all of this until he told me about the sz.

He wants to take revenge on his old coworkers because he says that he got sick because of them, because of all the stress they caused. He has been hospitalized twice because of the sz. He is now obsessed with social networks, he thinks that his coworkers are sending him secret messages, posting things that are meant for him, adding people with names that have some meaning. For me it is obvious that none of this is meant for him, but he doesn’t accept that, he thinks I just don’t know about this “secret” way of communicating. He also thinks I can read his thoughts and put thoughts in his mind.

I try to explain him that all of this is false, but he gets very angry and frustrated when I disagree with him, so now I just agree and listen to whatever he has to say. But the problem is that now I’m feeling very disconneted from him, like we live in two different realities. He doesn’t even accept that there is a problem, he does not even consider going to the doctor.

His family lives in another country, so there is no one I can talk to, to ask for help…

Is there a way for me to show him that this beliefs are false? What is the best way to deal with this?

Sorry to hear you are in this difficult situation. You don’t say what country you are in, but in most countries you can get support through organizations similar to NAMI in the US.

Going off of meds after the start of a relationship is common. Sometimes it’s because of sexual side effects of the drugs, but there’s also the hope that you can be “cured” by a relationship or love.

You’ve made a good step in realizing that arguing about delusions doesn’t help much. My tack would be to try and steer him away from social media if possible and to open a dialog about why he went off his meds since the relationship started.

I’d also contact his family. You are in a difficult situation legally if he needs hospitalization and may need their help.

Its very hard to tell someone that what theyre seeing -feeling-hearing is not real. You really cant do it. When my son thought people were always breaking into his apt, I suggested a video camera. He actually had the lock changed himself. Havent heard anymore about it. He was telling me that he was hearing kids voices all the time. I just said that it sounded like he was having some auditory “stuff” going on.
Your boyfriend may be worried about losing you. I found out that the less I freaked out and stopped telling him what to do-the better things are getting.
It might be good for you to join a local support group. Or even online support groups like this one.