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Demanding I get him out of hospital

My husband suffers from schizophrenia, after a long episode lasting about a month, he finally agreed to go into the hospital. His meds had stopped working properly, so they just changed them 3 days ago. Now he thinks he is fine, and demanding I call the hospital and demand his release. Only I don’t believe it’s time and either does his doctor. Now he is saying I am not supporting him and that I don’t love him. I’m not sure what to say to him, I want to support him in every way, but I can’t call the hospital and say that, they have already called me cancelling a family session because he was being so aggressive today. Any advice is very welcome. Thank you.

I would just tell him it’s up to the doctor to discharge him, you don’t have the control. Put it in their hands. You can certainly tell him you suggested that he was ready to the doctor. (and of course not do that).

Yes, the best approach is, “I discussed this with the doctor, but it is the doctor’s decision.”

Thanks! This is working for the moment anyway. He is getting very aggressive in the hospital, they keep giving him tranquilizer shots, so he is scared too. It’s so difficult to choose the right words because he is very paranoid, hopefully he can find some calm.

it will take time for stabilize someone with this illness. yes, follow doctors advise. they know what is the best for him.

Now unfortunately he is convinced I’ve cheated on him, and was furious at me when I went in for visitation yesterday. We were so excited to see each other, I am a nervous wreck now. He won’t talk to me, maybe I should step back for a while? Nothing I said would change his mind, he is certain I cheated. It’s so heartbreaking, I love him so much, and although I know this is the paranoia, it still is so painful.