Deploying tomorrow, fiance is in hospital, completely at a loss of words

Good Evening just touching up with a recent post. My girl was involuntary committed last night after tripping and telling everyone in the complex I murdered her and she is in the afterlife. Also that I conspire with her ex and we run a prostitution business. I have never spoke to her scumbag ex and have no idea how this could get in her mind. I love her but my mind is not in the game for a combat deployment. I’m depressed and stressed to the max and can’t even deal with people at work. I’ve been on edge for years but my give a damn is gone. Saw her tonight to say goodbye that I love her and she was still in her mind. She told me I’m still making wrong choices and left me in the visiting room. Anyway this illness is the worse I wish someone could cure this thing. My girl is a beautiful, intelligent and talented writer who could do so well if she was not sick. It takes the life out of her and just leaves a shell of a person. Anyway thanks for the advice.

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I’m very sorry to hear that, I hope she gets better soon. Hopefully she’ll be intact by the time you come back. Depending on where you are, you can call her to check how she’s doing in the hospital. :sweat:

I’m so sorry, try and preserve yourself, take a step back, tell yourself that YOU have to live, you have a life, you were you way before all of this .
It’s so sad I agree and it seems to happen to the loveliest of our precious ones.

Regarding the prostitution idea as strange as it is my son has similar reoccurring delusional thoughts that he is either going to be gang assaulted by men, in that way, or kidnapped and sold, used to traffick etc and used as a male prostitute.

Thinking of you and try to remember you are worth looking after, your fiancé is in the best place so let the professionals take some pressure off you. You aren’t her doctor or her psychiatrist , take a step back for your sanity.

My son has had those types of delusions too - it’s very, very common.

Hopefully, she’ll get the help she needs in the hospital. Stay safe during your deployment and don’t forget about your mental health as well. I know almost nothing about the military, but I’d hope they have someone you can talk to whether you’re deployed or stateside?

If they do, take advantage of it. When your loved one is sick, you can feel almost guilty about getting help for yourself at the same time, but for you, it sounds like it could be a life or death situation.

Gosh, it is hard for me to imagine your situation and leaving for deployment too. Would you want to take a family emergency to stay with your daughter?
Who will have medical authorization while you are gone?

I can see this forum is indeed a place for all of us to share, support and gain strength from one another. And too, it is hard for me to read about all of our struggles and want to return to read some more. Bittersweet. I will think of you often with this difficulty.

My go to words for myself.,.,God has a plan, I say that over and over. My faith is first and a forum like this and NAMI support groups are second.

Please keep sharing how she is doing, hugs

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it’s his girlfriend…

I hope they have some sort of counseling or support where I am going. I do have access to a major base in the Arabian Gulf. Anyway, what has worked for others to convince their spouse to be medically compliant. I understand the I am not sick and I don’t need help is a great book to have, but when your loved one is as intelligent as mine it’s really hard to prusade her to do something she doesn’t want to?

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I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you and your fiance. I hope you can be safe and as strong as you need to be in your incredibly difficult situation. Best to you and may whatever blesses beings bless you…

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They’re all intelligent when it comes to avoiding treatment they don’t want or think they need.

The book is about helping them see things in a new light, or perhaps see things they wouldn’t admit too before.

On the surface, it sounds very manipulative, but I don’t think it’s meant to be.

I’ve read the book over & over & ever time I pick up on something new.

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