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Moving tomorrow?

He told me that he is moving to out tomorrow. Anything that is left now will be at the curb tomorrow. 42 in tv, couches, bed small appliances etc. I have to have surgery for a broken arm that never healed and I can’t lift anything over 10 pounds. I am so tired of the name calling and conspiracy theories that I’m in on all of these terrible things Oh and he wants every penny I have for my monthly expenses to he can leave. He gets almost 3 times more than me but spends it in fancy phones…storage room…throwing food away etc. Oh and he wants my engagement ring back too. I earned that with all of the tears that I cried. I never didnt want to marry him but not like this. He would take the ring that i have had for over 25 years and get a few dollars for it and piss it away!!!

Oh my, what an emotional scene, he sounds so demanding right now. I hope you can make it through this storm okay. Please make sure you are safe.

I’m trying…my nerves are shot. He iS talking to himself again and yelling at the walls and calling the neighbors terrible names. I’m surprised that they haven’t called the

Police. This has been going on for weeks especially the last few days.

Sigh. It is a bad night for sure. I wish your fiancee was in better shape.

Tonight I found out my daughter got arrested when she went out for a walk today: disorderly conduct and battery on a law enforcement officer. She is in the jail hospital tonight. This is where refusing medication has gotten her, she probably went out downtown and was yelling at the wrong people and they called the cops.

I wish our loved ones could see they are ill and be on proper meds.

Me too. I’m so upset. I haven’t been able to eat for days. I tried but then I feel sick. I am afraid for him and at a dead end. Right now hes yelling at the ceiling

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It is awful how this mental illness makes us all feel so helpless. It seems an impossible battle to try to so anything that makes positive change. Their illness fights us, It fights us, those who care. So sad. Gosh, you must try and find something you can eat, or drink (maybe a smoothie). You can’t let yourself get sick

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@Laz - I’m sorry you have been going through this. I can’t imagine taking all the name calling. I hope you are able to take care of yourself. Can you take a day or two away from your fiancee?

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