Does sexual desire lower when you have schizophrenia?

My boyfriend is on 400mg injections . He has been up and down . Sometimes when I see he he’s doing great and other times he’s irritated or flat . We haven’t gotten physical since august and he doesn’t seem too interested. Is this part of the illness ?

The antipsychotic meds do have sexual side effects: Sexual side effects of antipsychotic medication: evaluation and interventions

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In addition, when symptomatic you can be preoccupied or self-involved and just want to be alone to avoid stimuli. Paranoia and/or delusions can also interfere. If you’re expecting him to initiate or read signals, deficits in executive function may make it difficult for him to follow-through or pick up on signals even if he has desire. A SZ diagnosis can shatter self-confidence and initiative which are key components of stereotypical male roles.