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Entering month 7

Off of invega sustenna
Life is getting easier the more time goes by
We just moved from Los Ángeles to Santa Cruz
And that has made a positive huge difference in my partners life
That could be because of the ocean and forest and slow lifestyle !
Also a lot of compassionate people who care about the mentally ill!


Hi, Just sending positive vibes! I loved Santa Cruz when I visited there years ago. Good luck on your journey :sun_with_face:

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Welcome to Santa Cruz, neighbor! We’re here too, blessed and grateful. Nature sure is the best medicine sometimes. What part of town do you live in? Reach out if I can help you find support or acclimate in any way.


I too am familiar with Santa Cruz, the Boardwalk, the pier, the ocean and the forests above. I revisited there not long ago with a friend a few years ago. It hadn’t changed much over the years. Oddly, seeing the movie The Lost Boys on TV inspired me to return. Good place now that they have that vampire problem under control. :wink:

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Thank you @floweroflife!
Appreciate your kindness!
Hope all is well

Thank you @Jan
I appreciate that!
Hope all is well with you :slight_smile:

Yeah I love that movie !!!

Thank you for your response!
Hope all is well with you

I like Santa Cruz landscape. I visited my Son when he was at 7th Ave Facility after hospitalization. My son is now in Contra Costa and hopefully getting better.
I cannot until I retire and be in California. Hopefully in couple of years…

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