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Every man needs a woman for companionship


I’m sticking to it I’m asexual but I need a woman friend…for a different point of view.

Just as every man needs a male for companionship too

1 male friend 1 female friend my family no sex would be ideal


Hmm ok. But you have to substitute it with chick flix or something. Have you ever seen when harry met sally? Well it explores if women and men could have a platonic friendship. What do u think?


I think they could, depending on who the man and the woman is. The chemistry has to be right for it.


A platonic relation with a woman eh. It would have to atleast include handjobs for the male lol! I think that’s fair :slight_smile:


I like women, but I also like men. I’m bisexual. It’s more about a personality combined with physical features for me. Like this one guy I fell for, actually fell in love with- he way my type to the tick and also a personality which balanced mine out.

I do think that men do need a woman’s touch in their lives. I’m a feminist and I think that good men are rarer than they should be. Not that women are all great- nope. They’re just not as bad as men for the most part and instead of being respected more, they’re oppressed.


i’m married to an asexual

as a previously extremely sexual woman i would say this:

don’t say no to sex for more than 3 months or so or she will probably lose interest
i dumped my asexual husband before knowing i could not live without him
simply on the basis that he was called by my mums friend as being an odd man

he had to have pretty unsuccessful sex with him many times to get used to a new normal for me

I hope this helps - it’s pretty revealing


I still eat my feet even with women as just friends.


And, why would the woman need you?