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FInally, he's in the hospital

After 2 yrs of symptoms, a yr of spiraling and months of grief, he (husband) FINALLY agreed to hospitalization. He went in Thur but refused to be admitted cuz he wanted to put an offer on a house we’d looked at. He wasn’t a danger so they couldn’t keep him, even tho they dx’d him as “gravely ill”. So, we didn’t get the house but agreed to the hospital yesterday (otherwise the crisis person was going to contact him and come out Monday, possibly with the sherriff if not). I left him at 4 pm (je can’t even have visitors becuz of the virus but he can video chat with me in the evenings and call me everyday) and he called me at 1:45 am last nite and he had just gotten a room (there were 2 people being admitted at the time yesterday at 4. WTF? 1:45 am? `ANyway, he spoked with his psych and they recommended a new med he’d never heard of (and of course he didn’t write it down and told them he’d have to research it, which I’m not sure how he was going to do that in there. He told me he’d find out what it was and let me know). He told them yesterday b4 I left “Big pharma isn’t going to get ahold of my body”, meaning he wasn’t going to take a bunch of meds.

His plan is to stay 3 days. The PA who admitted him told me in front of him that the average length of stay was 10-14 days. In which he said “we’ll see”. I hope they get him feeling better and more like himself that he wants to feel better and better and want to stay longer. When he called me at 1:45 am, I thought for sure it was him telling me to come get him.

So I guess we just hope and pray that he receives the help offered to him. I hope he’s open to it. I’ve been on the phone all day trying to find him a new psych (he fired his last month) and a therapist that are taking new patients and that take his insurance. Almost impossible to find. And none r in person, all are tele-health right now. Got him a therapist (now we have to wait for a discharge date to make an actual appt) now I’m waiting for a call back for a psych for med managment. It was stupid of him to fire 1 without finding another to replace her. But I guess he’s sick so he gets a free pass…

I’ll keep ya’ll informed on how it’s going…



I am hoping that he takes the help offered to him too in the hospital and that he feels better and in agreement with the medical plan. You’ve been on a long road to help him for the last few years. I’m glad he wasn’t upset at the long wait from 4 pm to almost 2 am to get a room, and that he consented to stay.