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Hi please help

My girlfriend wants to commit suicide how can I help her ? she is far away in other country we talk only through facebook…

Tell her that suicide is final. It isn’t something she can undo. Tell her that things can change. It won’t always be like this. Get her to agree to talk to a mental health professional when she feels suicidal. Tell her to think of the loved ones she will hurt by doing this. Get her to agree to call you when she feels suicidal.

There is an option to chat with someone online at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Ask her to contact them.

someone who wants to suicide is measuring their self worth incorrectly. they think their self worth has dropped so much that suicide is the only way. the way to beat suicidal thoughts is to understand that our worth is NOT linked to achievement/success but to the automatic role we play in each others understanding of what life is about. because we are information to each others mind, everything about us is an example of what it is to be human, that is our true self worth

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