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I got a chance to visit today

After not seeing my better half for 3 days I went up to the hospital very anxious not knowing if I was on the list for visitors (only 2 and not at the same tine) . He has a black eye and he’s sore all over from when the police restrained him. The nurses cant tell me if he is being medicated. Conversations were short and no questions. I waited until he told me things. He told me they gave him a brain relaxer? I didn’t see or hear him talking to himself but he still believes that my neighbors are bad people and that they are trying to steal or already have stolen his inventions. He told me when we gets out he is going to fix his car and leave period . Last time he left his apartment and moved here. Im being forced to sell the house and this time we both will have nowhere to go. Even if we go together??? I know its only been a few days but one admission 21 days, next 7 days, then 14 hours, now?? So I dont know what to think anymore.

Im happy you felt good visiting him today , you need to try and plan well before he gets out and see what’s best for you both . I wish you luck