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I guess we're moving to Texas

After a year living in our RV in our sons driveway in Wa State (sold our So Ca house) while looking for a house to buy, we were unable to find a house within our budget and all the market is doing is less houses for sale and higher prices. Hubs decided he wanted to move out of state and the ONLY state I would even consider (and I just threw out an idea, no clue he would take me seriously) would be Texas, since I have family there, like 6 family members. We flew there a couple weeks ago to see what was available and the market is much different. Much available at super cheap prices (at least cheaper to us, as compared to Wa prices). However, I really didn’t want to leave my 2 grandsons, 6 and 1. Money isnt everything, even tho hubs seems to think it is right now. I’m hoping that if hubs isn’t stressing so much (he thinks its Wa and his son is whats causing his Sz, and that if we moved to Tx, it’ll go away and I’m done trying to say differently) that maybe he’ll relax and his moods won’t be as bad as recently. I hope.

We’ll be staying with my uncle in his mother in law unit (we’re super tired of a yr in our 34 ft rv), as my uncle offered and we took him up on it. I felt it only fair to disclose the truth to him so I emailed him yesterday and I received an email back this am. He and his wife discussed it and the want us to till come. His ex wife of 20 yrs was bipolar (I had no idea) and her son was Sz so he has a pretty good idea of what he’s getting into. However, hubs pretty much can hide it from those who don’t know he has it. AT least I hope things will be peaceful. Cost of houses are about $130,000 less and much nicer than we could get up here. So, if i left out the grandkids out of the equation, yes, its a smart move. The kids can come visit (planning on flying the 6 yr old out before school starts (if school actually starts again in the fall?) and our son and DIL and little man will come for Christmas). We’ll make it work. Most grandparents don’t get to spend everyday with their kiddos I guess.

If I can get over not being near to my grandkids, the weather that I enjoy (menopause makes me enjoy the cooler weather!), enjoying the local mountains, enjoying the cheaper cost of living (Same brand of milk at Walmart in Wa is $3.55 and in Tx its $1.23) and the cost of gas is about $2.65 here and we paid $1.49 to fill our rental car with gas on the way out. Wow! Before we moved to Wa, we lived in So Ca so we were happy paying that for gas! I guess it’s a nice place to move. Hoping to find a house fairly quickly.

So, we reserved a moving truck for July 1st but MAY leave before then. They said the holler and we can get it earlier. I’ll be spending as much time with the boys as we can, taking lotsa pics. Hubs doesn’t seem to care. However, I KNOW that once we get settled, he understand what he’s done and not only miss his 2 grandkids but also his son. I wish he would listen to me but ya’ll know the emotions of a Sz r at times below normal. I hope that my marriage gets thru this. It’s almost died several times this past year, my suitcase has been packed a few times, the Jeep has even be packed. But I take my vows very seriously and I won’t leave him while he’s ill. Now I wish I had left so that he maybe would have started taking his meds. I’m dumb that way…

Wow, big changes are coming. And sometimes a change of local can be good for mental health and happiness. I hope that the move goes well for you and you both find Texas to suit you. My mother in law lived in Texas most of her life. She is now in CA, but misses Texas. Take care to not get too stressed getting ready to go. Hoping the best for you.