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I wish I could really speak to someone who was been through this

Im losing it. No doubt about it. I tool my fiance to aee hiw mother who has end stage dementia. I knew this would happen. He wanted to go in ny himself but didn’t let me know until we got to the door to be buzzed in. Then he turned off bis phone. i should have juat left him there. But no, i went back a few hours later and a storm was coming in so i didn’t want him out in it especially in his current state of mind or lack of one. Im moving a house full of furniture 55 years worth by the end of this month. He tells me we dont have to move because the Virgin Mary told him so. Im doing all of this work while he sits there talking and arguing to imaginary people and smokes like a chimney.

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Hang in there. It’s a shitshow. Been there and can likely top that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s good that you posted here @Laz . During the hard times, coming to this site and reading or even re-reading posts of others who have been through this should help you to feel like you are not alone. I hope you find some strength here.