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If it aint about the money and vacuuming the floor


My paps always complains to me what housework my mom is unable to do. I wash my dishes launder my own clothes. Money paps is lucky he has a job. I have not been job searching because wow what a let down that has become. For me anyway. And I get mad coz he has been complaining to me and insulting way about me my mom don’t have no job. If I could get a job well I would. And my mom is no way ever becoming employed again. I like my life the way it is. I just had not been fortunate living down here. Now I am planning a flight to live with my relatives elsewhere where jobs are easier to come by. And wherever I go my mom follows me. Basically I am her caretaker. I want to leave my paps in the dust because hell man to him it ain’t about being a family. To him its all about the money. I get enraged some times of my situation like I can not stay here. Nothing for me here. Gotta say bye to paps and move on.


Sorry man, that’s some real life shit. My parents are divorced I think it’s better that way.


Doesn`t sound like your dad is supportive.
May be a good thing to go where you can get more support.
How does your dad feel about taking your mom with you?


He would feel a sense of relief probably. I mean we our family did this before. About 12years ago we spilt during that time my father had lived in with another woman. I came back down without my mom since gets care up there from her brother who is a nurse. I got to know my new step moms kids and I still do. I went off along my own path which ended up me having sza. I went up to see my mom. For some odd reason I thought to reunite me my mom and dad down here. Terrible mistake. I went thru 6 hospitalizations my mom multiple psyche ward stays. So when we leave I think it will be better for him. He can find himself a new companion and I can start earning money up there. Here we have no relatives around. Its like boring been that way for 12 years. That time flew by soo fast. I feel a next saga in my life approaching. And I think it is the way things originally had intended to be had I not decided to leave where I belonged in the first place. I mean I have no issues here except for lack of a job. Can’t nobody help me in nowhere. I could be gone in a few pay checks coz the ticket up there is 511$. One way. Saving first though spending sometime I will miss the outdoors here. We had drug addicts for neighbors they stole stuff off our back porch but then got evicted from their subsidized house. We got into with them police called. We didnt call them they did they were the ones making threats. It was just all talk, one of our better neighbors had an incident where he smashed his weed whacker thru the addicts car window because the addict splashed hot coffee on him. That is when I decided up there I don’t have to put up with any of that. Thanks to everyone for the support.


Where I receive treatment I keep getting the advice to get away from my family. Sucks though. My moms bf is a pervert whom won’t leave me alone and my mom is my payee. Fortunately I live alone but my provider wants me to be completely independent. My mom is not right though so leaving in the dust feels wrong.
I would say pray about it. That’s what I’m doing at least.


Moving out is not a bad decision but we must understand our parents side as well. I am sure every case is a different one and you cannot generalise it. I think, we all face economical pressure at some point in time. Especially when you have been raising kids…or someone depending on you financially.

Moving on is a best solution. Staying and cursing over the things you don’'t like probably make you toxic overall. Good luck man!!!


I guess it is about expectations. We live with people many years awaiting their progress or change for the better. I have been the only one bettering myself by maintaining in the gym year round. Its not even that. You know it is time itself and things just change and we are powerless for those we wish could change for the better. While we wait are own lives pass. And we are not here forever and it is a shame for me to see my own father get sucked up by his job that posseses him most of the time. I for many years have had it real easy, did not have to work etc. just occupy myself with music fitness mental health advocacy and many other things. I guess that is why I am in the position to criticize those who are overwhelmed by their work its money but there is more to life that just that. I guess I am just dissapointed. Because years ago in my childhood everything seemed like a wonderful dream. Then as I got older it got harsher. Things are not what I come to expect. The illness. Just swept me away. I stay in recovery but its dangers are always looming. I guess things got too stale routine. In need for a change up. Thanks