I'm having a break down

I’m so depressed it’s killing me from the inside out. I can’t think, my mom is harassing me 24/7, I’m not stupid. I think I’m autistic and not schizophrenic and I am breaking down. It started with my car having all the lights flashing but my dad telling me to ignore the problem and that it was “safe” to drive, and the car garage also ignoring my attempts to get it thoroughly checked by saying it was fine.

Update: well things are getting resolved. I found a local car garage.

If people with schizophrenia do better outside the U.S. I’ve done extremely well considering the circumstances.

I hear you, they are made of pure granite aren’t they, they feel nothing, they care not.

I hope you manage to get out of there for a few hours and get away from all the input and strife. Everyone needs some times to decompress and breathe.

I’m proud of you for not grabbing for drugs. That is a hard thing to do. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do that these days. It sounds like your coming to the end of your rope though. Is there anyway you get a bath and relax or decompress before you have to take on more conversation tonight?

My dad said since I’m a girl he didn’t want me to be out with a boy having “Car Trouble” so he sent me to car care class.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is happening with your car. I might not have any idea, but I also just might.

My car’s brake light is on and the CLE light, the horn doesn’t even work and the volume controls, and the heater. The engine is probably going bad but no one will listen.

Add it’s a 2003 Jetta with lots of miles on it.

Sorry you’re having such a rough time of things. It’s especially difficult that your family doesn’t care to understand you. My parents don’t really understand me either, but they haven’t threatened to kick me out. I would be homeless if they did.

There are many similarities to sz and autism, they are alike but also very different. Autism is pretty much accepted, sz is not.

When I had lights going on and off and no horn and no heater my trouble was an alternator and I had some old wires that were touching each other and shorting each other out. Anything after 2000 has a lot of sensors and when they go that can also have an effect on the lights and the horn and the heater.

I know that diagnostics like this are stupid pricy and with you also being a girl I bet the mechanics would love to double speak you into a higher price. They can’t help it, they think girls are stupid about cars. I love playing with those types.

Community colleges or trade schools with an auto program are always looking for cars to work on. It’s not just a bunch of knuckle heads tampering around. The instructors have to check and sign off the work.
It might be an idea to look into.

I just thought of something… Jetta’s are VW’s and you might be able to e-mail a dealership garage and see what they might think it is.

Or go to a consumer reports site or Jetta specific site and see if other 2003 Jetta owners report this problem and what they found it to be. But I would say have as much info as you can before talking to the mechanic.

The more kids I work with from all the different alternative needs schools that come for lessons at our pool, the more I too am thinking the similarity’s are note worthy. As far as being accepted… My naïve observation is that Autistic children have tons and tons of help. But autistic adults are still having a hard time, especially in the work force. With that I mean as far as being given a chance by employers.

Maybe they think that children out grow autism? It seems weird to me that support services for autism in elementary school is abundant and visible, but by high school in the very same dist. not so much support. They know there are all these kids in the primary school who need this service. Why do they discontinue this support as the person grows?

Yes kidsister I notice this too, its a shame that these autistic older children are not getting the help they deserve. And as for teens with “emotional” problems, the support is even more scarce

Yeah a lot of people actually think I have Autism, because it is a little similar to schizophrenia I guess. I don’t have a lot of problems with delusions. But I take Abilify because it shuts my mind off when it’s going too fast. I’m feeling a bit better today. It’s really cold so I’m hibernating inside atm. My boyfriend helped me through this, we found a garage with someone who specializes in VW’s for 30 years experience. Just dropped it off this afternoon.

It will beat going to the dealer and getting overcharged, plus driving an hour to get there. I know my dad thinks he’s right about a lot of things, but he needs to give me space. I moved into my boyfriend’s house, my dad’s on his way out of the country for another work thing. When my dad says things like this, and repeats the same things over and over again like I haven’t heard him–when it’s more a matter of disagreement, it’s really frustrating.

I also dislike that blanket term of “emotional problems”.

There is a new batch of school psychologist who are not accepting this blanket term and working to reach more students. But there are always more students then there are student advocates.

The more I think about it, when my bro is not able to look me in the eye and really has a hard time starting a conversation and really stops talking, I know he’s going to slide into some negative symptom. He calls it wax build-up.

I do see that very same response in the kids from the spectrum school. The lack of understanding of humor is also interesting. My brother is always joking when he’s feeling better. But when he looks at me and says, he doesn’t understand the joke I know a shift is happening.


May I ask a delicate question? Please note this is a person on the outside looking in… Do you think that maybe SZ also has a spectrum to it like Autism? People have gotten seriously angry at me for suggesting this idea.

Being a young adult and getting space seems to be a common theme for me today. I’m glad you found some help for your car. I’m glad you have a place to go to give your self and your Dad some time to breathe.

My Mom and I get along so much better now that I don’t live under their roof. I have always respected my Mom but I hate to admit we have not always gotten along. We’re getting better now.

I use the term emotional problems under quotes, because I do not like the term, but schools use it.
I do think SZ is on a spectrum, just like Autism