I'm kinda desperate

Hi all, I’m still here. I wrote my story in another thread if you want to read it.

Long story short after 5 years spent together my bf left me to go back to his country to get his pension for sz he also got a social housing after some homelessness

It has been 1, year now that we are in q long distance relationship. I really love this person and I would wait forever if I knew there is the same from his side and that there will be a solution to this.

I tried to go to his country but I don’t manage. I have my own house here and for the moment a job but it’s temporary not sure it will last.

Before getting the social housing he was more keen to come back, after the social housing at some point it seemed he was not interested in coming back here, but then he started to feel bored and lonely and realized that social housing is not paradise.

I visited him twice, first time before the social housing, second time after the social housing. While I was there the second time
He was talking about stuff he would do alone as if I wasn’t there. Then right after stuff we should do together again. I didn’t know what to say anymore and then he said just before I was leaving that we would have seen each other soon.

From this moment I stopped asking anything ( because last time I cried while we were talking on the phone) he threatened to end the relationship.

In the past 2 months he started again to talk about leaving that place and coming here. He also booked a flight to come here in july to visit.

e asked me about my neighbors ( because he tried to burn their car) and I said it should be fine but I’m not in people’s head.

In the last week he suddenly told me he’s going to visit a female friend ( that he knows since many years but i never met) in another city and I said ok ( didn’t ask permission or anything he just did it and I’m not expecting him to ask this kind of things) even though I was not enthusiastic.

But because of this he told me he should bot come here because the relationship is not healthy and I asked why and he said because of the distance and the neighbors ( both things were created by him) and because I only showed little signs of enthusiasm for him visit a female girl

( Also I have to say that he complained a lot about visiting me for cost and time but he didn’t about visiting the friend yes she’s closer but not so much).

Now why I wrote all of this? I don’t understand why he’s changing his mind all the time even if he’s taking medication, why am I less important than the friend while I was the only one helping when he was homeless this last time and why I feel like he’s excluding me from his life slowly?
I ask how the appointments why the doctor are going he doesn’t say much, he was telling me everything before…also what I don’t understand is…while he was homeless his mother didn’t help at all. It was everything on my shoulders… but now she is suddenly back and they go to lunches and she buys expensive gifts. He has been mad at his mom for years and now they go around together and talks to her more than me. I mean ok it’s his mother, fine, but am i the only one to see a weird behavior here? Both from him and the mom? Doesn’t sound hypocrite?

I feel very bad, kinda used and abandoned. I hope he comes in July and we can discuss better.

Please share your thoughts about this because I don’t understand why I am being treated like this.

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I think you need some positive friends to be around, and to start living your life for you, don’t always wait for him. You sound like a very good person, that likes to take care of people. Please don’t look at it as he used you, and in part of course he did. But you also allowed it because you heart is good and you thought you had a relation ship with him. I think anyone would be lucky to have you in their life as a friend or other. But get out there and make some friends and move on. This disease makes some to only think of themselves and what they need. And maybe this is him at his best. And now that you need him, that will never be returned for what you have done for him you will not get the love and concern back. Not that he is horrible but this is his best. Not the best you deserve unless you always want to feel lacking in his compassion and interest in your feeling and needs.


Sometimes the love you feel, or the love you give to another, is NOT going to be coming back to you from the other side. There really is no solution to that kind of a one sided love.

Since he is not trying to have a relationship with you, maybe it is time to put him out of your mind and out of your heart. You already said in your post that you feel he is excluding you from his life. Please don’t do what you said and wait forever for someone who doesn’t want you in his life. I seems to me like you should move on as he already has.


I am not sure that he’s excluding me from his life, it’s just an impression.

I don’t know if he wants to be in a relationship with me anymore or not, I’m a threat to the pension, If I could live in his country maybe it would work and believe me I tried. I need a job there to find an accomodation and even so I don’t have a guarantor from the country.

He should help me by trying to find himself a place for us but he said he can’t

He will come here soon I need to understand how to ask him his feelings and intentions toward the relationship and me

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You asked how you should behave when and if he comes? Be yourself. Don’t interrogate him or give him an ultimatum unless you want this to be the meeting that finally determines where you two stand. But in that case you have to be prepared to accept that he won’t come back. It won’t hurt to use LEAP techniques, which aren’t only employed to help people gain insight and agree to treatment. There is no one way to behave around someone with this disorder but it is always good to project calm. He may nor may not have a fixed delusion regarding you, but if he does, there is probably little you can do to change it.

I agree with the other commenters that you are probably best off not focusing so completely on him. Your fixation may be standing in the way of having a meaningful life of your own. I urge you to get support from friends, family and also professional. Your own life is the only thing you have full control over.


I wish you the best sorting it out. Long distance relationships are hard. And just because he is on his medication doesn’t mean that all of his symptoms are under control, unfortunately.

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