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I'm scared of my son for the first time

@Doctor I’m afraid they will just take him to jail and that’s not where he needs to be. He needs to be institutionalized for his mi and also to dry out from the drugs and over medicating. Plus he is gay and jail would not be good for him in that sense either. I really hope nami calls me back soon!! I can’t leave my room much less my house! I’m afraid if I leave he will do something to my house. And I have 4 dogs! I can’t leave them here defenseless. But I have no where I can go and bring them too. Lord help me this is more than I can handle and my migraines are coming on strong again!!

If they take him to jail, you can go to court and fight for him to be institutionalized. Having him there is not going to help him or you either.

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Doctor, she really does need to call the crisis intervention team and get trained CIT officers sent.

Uneducated police officers can sometimes make things worse instead of better. They can hurt, traumatize or even kill the MI instead of getting them help. And, once in jail, people don’t always get the help you would think they would get. There’s a very high percentage of people in jail today who should actually be in the hospital.

Everyone’s different, and I agree that she needs help immediately, but as parents, most of us are very careful not to do things that can’t be undone.

That being said - a call to 911 should also get someone who knows the crisis intervention line.


Just talked to the mental health services for my area and was told that if he is not in a full blown physcotic episode and not willing to voluntarily have himself treated then there is nothing I can do! This is unbelievable! I’m stuck in my room and he is somewhere in the house just cool as a cucumber now. But the minute I walk out he verbally attacks me! He is so good at making people believe him when he can switch between rage and calm on a dime!! I literally feel helpless!!

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I would call back - say that he is an imminent danger to others, mainly you.

Also - how do you or they know that he isn’t in a full-blown psychotic break? Is anyone other than a psychiatrist qualified to determine that?

I was advised by family members in my support group who have went through this for years to always word it according to the law so that they have less chance to interpret things the way they want to interpret it.

I would also ask for a name, employee number, whatever, and write it down. Tell them that you are keeping a record of the fact that you reported it, you told them that he fit the criteria for an involuntary commitment, and they did not act on that information.

You can also call your local police or sheriff’s dept’s non-emergency number and ask them if they have CIT officers on duty. That you feel your son is an immediate danger to you and if they have someone who could come out to do a wellness check.

I would also tell my son that if he doesn’t calm down, someone may call the police due to a noise complaint.


That makes sense, I’ve been there too. When he was doing meth and suicidal I was also torn between calling the police or not. If he hadn’t quit, I wouldn’t have regretted calling them because of the harm he was doing to himself and those around him.

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I get you. Sometimes, it works out - sometimes it doesn’t. It’s just a risk you have to be willing to take.


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His episode sounds full blown.

I am concerned for your safety and for his.

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So far this morning he is acting more calm. I am out of my room and he is just staying away from me. Not talking. But I can tell he is coming down off his high. Hopefully the worst is behind us for awhile!!

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Do you know you’s selling it to him?

Maybe you can have a very serious talk with them about your son’s condition & why Meth is the worst thing possible for him. Not that you can trust a drug dealer, but it’s worth a shot.

I’m betting he’s getting it from someone who’s selling enough to cover their own habit, but one thing’s for sure - they won’t have any problem replacing your son’s business.

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Darling - you need an emergency plan in place. Have you called your local NAMI chapter? My son punches me in the head when he is psychotic, so I understand your fear, but you must have local resources to help you. Your sheriffs department may have offices trained in CIT (Crisis Intervention) that you can ask for if you need to. In my county we have the Baker Act and the Marchman Act that they can use to keep your son if you or he are in danger of being hurt. I have even had to lie a bit to get him the treatment he needed and to keep me and him safe. I agree that jail is not the right place for our loved ones - the psychiatic hospital is. Bless you! I pray that you have a safe and peaceful holiday


I don’t know for sure who is selling it to him but I kinda have an idea. All his friends hate me bc of what he tells them but that’s ok I don’t like them either!! He has started his yelling at me again and again I’m locked in my room with all my dogs. I can’t leave the house bc I’m afraid of what he would try to steal or have his friends come and steal. But I don’t like being here alone with him.

I called NAMI yesterday and they were no help! I don’t know how to make an emergency plan when I can’t seem to get help. I’m a hot mess!!

NAMI does not have crisis resources. It’s all volunteers who are living similar lives to ours; they could at most give you a phone number of professionals who can help (crisis line).

County or regional crisis hotline should exist and respond. I understand that you called them; they might be more helpful now that it’s been more than 24 hours and things are not improving.

There is no plan you can make that does not require outside assistance from people with the crisis line or 911/ CIT.

I really want you to be safe and whole. I am not going to check into this thread any more as I feel so helpless; please know that I am hoping and praying for you, your son, and the dogs.

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In ohio where I live, if I call and ask for a cit officer, my son never gets help. He always gets arrested, handcuffed and sent to jail. My husband and I say we will never call the police again. We literally cried and begged last time. We said please he needs to be hospitalized. No he said my supervisor said he needs to go to jail. He said we will keep you updated on what happens. We never heard from the cop again. So mad at the system.

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Thank you for your advice and ear. God bless you and yours! Merry Christmas! And Happy Birthday Jesus! Our most trusted Counselor, Father and Friend!

That is tragic!! I’m sorry for your pain! God bless you!

That is so wrong. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

My daughter had a psychotic episode few months ago while I was away and took a knife to threaten my wife. The police were called and when they arrived, they asked if to press charges. My wife explained that my daughter had schizophrenia and the police took her to a hospital instead of jail. The policemen who came were very kind and comforting.

Best wishes.