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Last night's storm

Hope everyone is safe, we had a major ice storm here, I am curious if anyone has experienced or noticed with your loved ones, mood changes with weather? Hope everyone is safe.

It appears the ice storm is still going on… I didn’t realize how bad it was as I called the police to lodge a noise complaint and got a little attitude of: Did you know we are dealing with a lot of emergencies due to the storm? hmmm not really. My cable and internet was down lol

I have not noticed a difference with my son in relation to weather. Are you noticing one with your son?

Ya I still have a large tree branch hanging from the hydro wires :s firefighters taped it off, I have noticed he becomes a little lethargic when it’s dreary out, maybe depression related? Not sure, was just curious. Hope your ready for Christmas :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think, maybe the weather affects him, but then I remember that difficulties have appeared in every season. Right now, the cold weather is keeping him cooped up, and I think it does contribute.

I live in Kentucky and just a few days ago we were having tornado warnings. Now its so cold u freeze walking outside. Hate this KY weather lol

I hope you are fine now and no human harm has caused. At times people living in Azusa deals with water damage Azusa and thus need to call Public adjusters.