Typhoon Rammasun


Wow what a disaster. Not as bad as the first Typhoon Haiyan aftermath in the Philippines. But the unfortunately for the Philippines Typhoons tend to frequent. On a more personal note the signal 3-4 winds swept away my families roof. They had to go to an evacuation center. Where there is little clean water, and the only food relief is sardines. Not a place for a schizo at all. If I’m ever over there and I catch word of a typhoon en route I am moving south or north of its path just to hunker down in a hotel until it passes. Tragic.


Hope your family is doing ok.
have you been able to talk to them?


Thanks alot, I do believe electricity is back on and they are making repairs. My son said he couldn’t sleep well at evacuation center. Neither would I hate those things. But they have wifi so they couldn’t be doing too bad.