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"LIARS" ...of the Normals

They call the mentally ill…“crazy” but why do so many “sane” people LIE thru their teeth? Not little lies. but WHOPPERS? why?


I wish I knew why people lie, it’s only hurts everyone.


I really don’t know the answer to that but I believe it is simply a habit that is formed and once established hard to stop.


I don’t know how they keep their stories straight!

I can’t remember a short grocery list…
or to even remember to bring the list to the store!!

Tell the truth…
one less thing to keep track of.

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And with our family members so sensitive to lies, what a mistake it would be and how hurtful to them.

Yes, its too hard to keep track if its not the truth. Recently I either said or wrote to someone that we had been dealing with Jeb’s scz for 18 years - not so- its 16 years. He’s 36, not 38, that’s the age of his sibling.