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My husband thinks he's being followed & going to be murder soon.. Help!

Hi - sorry for the unhelpful postings by one of our community members. Sometimes people post that things that are not at all helpful (sometimes by people who have schizophrenia). Ignore those posts that are not helpful.

What country are you in?

Your husband definitely needs help as quickly as possible. It sounds like classic paranoid schizophrenia. There are medications and therapy (psychological therapy) that can really help him. But you need to get him help as quickly as possible. See a Psychiatrist and also a psychologist.

Get him checked in ASAP. The next step is that he is going to start thinking you are part of the Russian Mafia or whatever his delusion is. I say that from experience.

Possible routes to treatment:

All of the above

Mobile Mental Health Crisis teams exist in many cities and communities. Ours is run through the Department of Health and Welfare of our state in the US.

Most hospitals have social workers; you could call the nearest hospital, ask to speak to a social worker, and describe the situation. They will have ideas and know local resources.

GP could see him and refer, also start testing to rule out organic causes of psychosis.

If you can get him to an Emergency Room, often times they can connect to treatment.

Is there a NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) chapter near you? They might know which direction to point you.

If you cannot get him in to treatment, it’s not your fault or his. If he becomes so ill he loses control of his behavior, take the best possible care of yourself and your children.

You and he must both be very frightened at this point. I hope everything gets better.

Understood. Was just making a point to those willing to step up and take his place.



oh sorry. didn’t get the sarcasm (bit hard to read sarcasm a lot of the time).

Yes, call 911 if you have to. True, soon your husband will have trouble trusting you. I also speak from experience. The sooner you get professional help - the better for everyone.

It’s this, or he decides to get ‘them’ before ‘they’ get him.

**Welcome to the forum~
I know this is a scary situation-for all of you.
I dont have an answer for the suddeness of this-but I would give the same advice per above. Call ahead and tell them what has been going on. Let them take it from there. They should run tests ( in case there is something physical going on ) and keep him a few days to watch him. Dont be afraid.
Sometimes taking some action relieves some of that fear.
Thinking of you and your family-you`re not alone! :bow: **

Well said Pixel!! You gave me some positive insight in regards to my son… who is doing well on his meds and as a matter of fact just began a job as a helper in his field of heating and air conditioning…visited you web page as well after you wrote… very NICE!

Meth makes people like this my sister started off this way maybe you should blood test him for it and If not it’s not then a therapist, not eating fine one minute not the next then not eating thinking everyone is out to get them…