Need help on what to do for my fiance

My fiance has schizophrenia. He’s been off meds for awhile because he’s convinced there is a chip in his head and real people are talking to him. The med doctor ordered an M.R.I without mentioning that his thought is a delusion. Now he has gotten the disc of the M.R.I. I don’t know what to do. He’s so unwilling to believe it’s not real. Now he wants to examine the M.R.I. himself. Should I talk to his med. Person will he feel betrayed and his next appointment isn’t till the 15th. I don’t know how to help. I really love him and I miss him. When he was doing good. He thinks the voices are making sure he won’t succeed.

Do you have sz? Do you think this is a temporary condition?

Have you read this book yet?

If you haven’t, you probably should before you go much further.

No I don’t have schizophrenia. And I haven’t read that book but I’ll buy it if it would help. I’m bi polar.

We been together 4 yrs we met at the mental hospital

What is (or was) you dx, then? (Tells me what direction to go here.)

Psychotic disorder bipolar

I just was wondering if I should tell his Dr. He’s not taking his meds. Or let the Dr. Tell him there is no chip

He got the M.R.I today

Yeeeeah. Well. Okay. Here’s the deal:

Two people who have difficulty knowing what is from what is not may not produce one marriage firmly grounded in what is.

I understand all the loneliness stuff (been there, done that). But the statistics for the likelihood of “living happily ever after” are not good for a psychotic bipolar and a sz pt.

You might want to stay close with each other, but give each other enough space to provide for the Periods of Paranoia which are almost inevitable for those with both dx’s even when on meds. If not on meds, however…

I’m on my meds.We go to the same mental place.I work full time now. It’s nice to be with someone weird like me

So long as you both can reliably climb up out of The Box when you need to, go for it. But I would not be able to count on that nearly as much for someone with sz as for someone with well-control bipolar. (Just sayin’ on the basis of years of observing a lot of sz pts.)

I would tell the doctor anything you think might be important. The more info. the better.
Congrats on keeping a handle on your illness…

Thank you I think I’ll tell his dr