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One step made! Thank you or your stories


My brother finally agreed to go to the hospital last night. He is there now. They put a 1013 on him so he couldnt leave. They also put him on suicide watch just so he couldnt go anywhere. We are so happy that he is not on the street and getting some help. My husband stayed with him the whole time, Which is out of the norm but the nurses could see he was calmer with my husband there. My brother feels very comfortable with my husband. The docs took him back to talk with him. They said they do think something ia wrong with him. My brother was being stubburn about giving a urine sample but finally did. My husband said he has been saying some off the wall things. He is very concerned about his body. He told the doc his skull is shrinking and he is trying to grow it back, he doesnt have enough blood in his body, his ribs are so long…They go all the way down to his hip. He couldnt answer any of the doctors questions. He just kept mumbling things that didnt relate or make much sence. I love my brother so much. I hope good things start happening for him. Keep us in your prayers!


Great that he is in the right place now


I’m so glad he’s decided to get some help. The body morphing feel is part of the head circus.

I’m glad your brother went in peacefully. I hope things keep getting better for him.


Will do thats great he’s getting help.